When His Eyes Opened

Chapter 3190

Chapter 3190

Three years later, Aryadelle, airport.

Hazel and Robert stood at the airport, waiting anxiously.

“It’s been three years! Your boyfriend finally came to see you!” Robert teased, changing the subject, “Isn’t he here to break up with you? After all, you two haven’t seen each other for three years, and three years can change a lot of things.”

Hazel sighed. “Second brother, can you please stop cursing me? Although I haven’t met him in the past three years, we have phone calls and video calls every day!”

Robert complained: “Electronic lover.”

Hazel: “Anyway, he has promised me that he will settle in Aryadelle this time and will never be separated from me again.”

Robert: “He has too much self-esteem. When he meets his father later, they might not agree for more than a few words, and then he buys a plane ticket and runs away overnight!”

Hazel looked helpless and wanted to defend, but didn’t know what to say.

At this time, a familiar voice came from not far away: “Hazel!”

Hazel heard the sound and immediately looked towards the source of the sound.

Lucas dragged her suitcase and walked over from the exit.

A smile suddenly appeared on Hazel’s face, and she ran towards Lucas, and the two embraced each other affectionately.

Robert received a call from Avery.

Avery asked, “Have you not received Lucas yet? Is he not coming?”

Robert: “Mom, you are more outrageous than I thought. He just came out, and he is hugging my little sister right now! You and dad, be mentally prepared; we are going home soon!”

Foster family.

Avery hung up the phone and told Elliot the news.

Elliot immediately went to the bathroom and checked his appearance.

Avery stood at the door of the bathroom and laughed out loud: “No need to look in the mirror; you look handsome!”

Elliot: “Honey, do you think I need to be stricter with him later?”

Avery: “Hazel likes him so much, and he is willing to come to Aryadelle to settle for Hazel. Why are you being harsh to him? Do you have to make others unhappy? He is now the big boss of Night Technology, and he doesn’t rely on us for food. Just as you did to Joanna before, do the same to Lucas now.”

Elliot: “Okay!”

An hour later, Robert brought Hazel and Lucas to Foster’s house.

Avery pulled Lucas’s arm enthusiastically: “Lucas, it’s hard to fly on a plane! Come inside and sit down!”

Lucas blushed: “Auntie, I’m not working hard.”

Avery laughed. “Are you so shy? You’re welcome; treat this as your own home.”

At this time, Elliot coughed twice to show his presence.

Lucas immediately looked at Elliot and said hello politely: “Hello, uncle. I am Lucas.”

Elliot: “Come in and eat!”

Lucas: “Okay.”

At the dinner table, everyone sat together, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Avery broke the silence: “Lucas, you can stay at our house tonight! We have a lot of rooms.”

Lucas: “No need, aunt. I asked Hazel to help me buy a house in Aryadelle.”

Avery immediately looked at Hazel and asked, “When did it happen?”

Hazel: “Just not long ago. I asked my sister to accompany me.”

Layla said, “You didn’t say you were buying a house for Lucas. I thought you were buying it yourself! Isn’t your name written on the real estate certificate?”

Hazel was shy: “Yes! It’s just Lucas’s money!”

Avery immediately smiled and said, “Lucas, I can feel that you really want to be with Hazel. Hazel’s father and I are not stubborn. You decide your own marriage. We can just attend the wedding when the time comes.”

Lucas: “Thank you, uncle and aunt!”

after dinner. novelbin

Hazel sent Lucas to his new house.

The two held hands and walked under the starry night sky.

Lucas: “Hazel, I’m sorry for making you wait for me for so long.”

Hazel smiled and replied, “It’s okay. As long as the result is good, it’s worth it.”

After saying that, the two kissed passionately.

Under the street lamp, the shadows of the two people are imprinted together, like their future, closely connected.

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