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The Billionaire’s Maid Bride

The Billionaire’s Maid Bride

The Billionaire’s Maid Bride

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The Billionaire’s Maid Bride novel by Artist: Flanagan & Allison Zimmer... Genre: Romance

Allison, after leaving a hotel, first goes to the hospital to pay her overdue medical bills. She then returns to a small house behind Ms. Flanagan's mansion, where she and her mother live. Allison used to be a maid in the Flanagan household, but she is treated poorly and must wear a mask to conceal her identity.

Margo, the housekeeper, chastises Allison for not wearing her mask and asks her to help prepare food. Meanwhile, a wealthy and charming man named Lucian Lindberg arrives at the Flanagan's mansion. He is a famous tycoon in Northfield, and the housekeeper welcomes him.

Allison, still wearing her mask, serves coffee to Lucian. She realizes that Lucian is the same man who kissed her the previous night and promised to take responsibility. Nervous, she accidentally spills coffee on him. Lucian notices her, finding her strangely familiar.

Margo scolds Allison and apologizes to Lucian for her clumsiness. Lucian's gaze remains on Allison, and he feels the spots where he kissed her burning. Allison timidly thanks Lucian for his tolerance and cleans the coffee stains from his trousers.

As Allison prepares to leave, Lucian stops her. He recognizes a familiar scent of cherry blossoms on her, reminding him of "Penelope" from the previous night....

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