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Spoil My Sweet Window

Spoil My Sweet Window

Spoil My Sweet Window

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Are you Mr. White? For real? I thought you were dead. Crystal stared blankly at the handsome man in front of her. It should have beenCrystal's sister marrying Harold. However, her sister went back on the word after learning Harold's death.

White Family insisted that the marriage go on. So Crystal was taken as the scapegoat. She was originally at the wake of Harold. It never occurred to her that her perished husband actually was back to life. And the man's appearance was the exactly same with that portrait on the altar.

Yes, it is me. I deliberately spread some rumors that I encountered accident. I didn't expect the funeral would be hosted so quickly. It seemed that my death really granted someone's wish. Harold continued, Well, it was our wedding night. Let's go. Where? Bed.

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