My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 2808

Chapter 2808

“Mrs. Weiss, I… I’m sorry, I truly love Ezekiel, and I don’t want to end our relationship,” Harmony took

this opportunity to express her deepest feelings.

Sophia looked at her son and smiled. “Miss Harmony Mayo, you have successfully passed my test.

From here on, I acknowledge your role as my son’s girlfriend.”

“Test?” Harmony blinked. She hadn’t expected this to be a test. Good heavens! I almost left Ezekiel

and nearly had a rumored relationship with another man! Thank goodness I passed.

“Yes, this was a test from my mother. She thought you would take the money and leave me, but not

only didn’t you take the money, you also loved me very much. So, my mother thinks you are a suitable

daughter-in-law!” Ezekiel cooperated with his mother in speaking.

Harmony, standing by, blinked nervously. “Really? Can I really be with Ezekiel?” novelbin

“This is my son’s choice, and I have always respected his choices.” Sophia smiled, secretly vowing that

she would make up for the pain she had caused Harmony this time by loving her doubly in the future.

Cecelia also came over with a smile. “We’re all family now. Why are we still standing outside talking?

Let’s go inside and feast.”

Harmony’s eyes were about to well up with tears of excitement. It was just a test.

When Sophia and Cecelia went in first, she turned around and threw herself into Ezekiel’s arms. “I’m

sorry, I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to get close to another guy.”

Ezekiel gently ruffled her hair, his heart aching for her. “I know you were just acting. But don’t do that


Harmony quickly nodded. “I will never, ever do that again!”

Entering the hall, Cecelia had prepared a feast. Harmony saw her favorite dishes, which Cecelia had

asked her about last time, so now her three favorite dishes were on the table.

Her heart was instantly warmed and moved. Ezekiel led her to the table. “Let’s enjoy the meal!”

“After we’re done eating, let’s go shopping with Grandma!” Sophia suggested to Harmony.

“Great! Let’s all go together as a family,” Ezekiel laughed.

Cecelia was also delighted. Now, she had a daughter and a future granddaughter-in-law to go shopping

with. She was thrilled.

At the same time, Yunna had just gotten off the plane when she received a message alert. She picked

up her phone to check. When she saw the million-dollar transfer, she immediately smiled happily.

Now, she was relieved. Sophia really wanted to thank her. However, she had also heard that Sophia

was a very kind person. Now, not only had Yunna exposed Harmony, but she had also received 150

thousand. She was so lucky.

Just then, she received a phone call. “Hello?”

“Yunna, Mrs. Lloyd heard that you were fired. She values talent and wants you to continue working for

the company.”

“Really? I’m so happy. I accept.”

“Good, come back to the head office immediately to report!”

Yunna thought she was being favored by the heavens. However, little did she know that the Weisses’

lawyer was waiting for her there.

As soon as Yunna entered the company, she was escorted into an office by a bodyguard. The police

and a lawyer were already waiting for her there.

“Who… who are you people?” Yunna’s countenance changed.

“Miss Yunna, you are under arrest.”

“On what grounds are you arresting me?”

Just then, a video was projected. Sophia and Ezekiel were both there.

“Yunna, you violated my girlfriend Harmony’s image rights using Al technology and deceived my

mother with these photos. Also, you secretly tore up the original contract of my company’s project. For

all this, you must pay the price.”

Yunna’s face turned pale with shock. She hadn’t expected her crimes to be discovered.

“Mrs. Weiss, I’m sorry. I just wanted to show you that that woman is not worthy of your son, not worthy

to marry into your family. Please forgive me!”

Sophia’s eyes filled with anger. “Shut up, Yunna. How dare you commit a crime and then argue about

it?! I now formally accept Miss Harmony Mayo as my future daughter-in-law. If you dare to harm my

family, I will not show you any mercy.”

Yunna was shocked. She hadn’t expected Harmony to be accepted.

With the help of advanced technology, evidence of Yunna’s manipulated photos was quickly

discovered. She would soon face a prison sentence.

In the evening, Harmony and Ezekiel returned to their villa. Harmony brought home bags of gifts, but

they were not from Ezekiel. Instead, they were gifts from Sophia and Cecelia to welcome her.

As soon as Harmony entered the house, Ezekiel pulled her onto the couch and said, “Let’s get married!

I can’t wait to marry you.”

Harmony blinked. “But I’m still in the middle of filming.”

“I’ll wait for you,” the man gently kissed her forehead.

“Can we have a destination wedding?” Harmony asked him. This was the type of wedding she had

always dreamed of.

Ezekiel’s eyes lit up. “That’s exactly what I had in mind.”

In the following month, Harmony’s schedule was condensed and quickly completed.

Next, it was time for her and Ezekiel’s planned wedding journey. Their first stop was Dansbury, where

they met Ezekiel’s father and relatives. However, Sophia still hosted a grand party for them in the villa,

announcing their engagement.

Three days later, their plane took off. They were embarking on a global wedding tour, with every stop

meticulously arranged by Ezekiel.

This was a unique and meaningful wedding.


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