Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle by Heap Heap

Chapter 3060

Chapter 3060

Luca smiled and shook her head. She was not denying what Nina said but just expressing her


Marie was a troublemaker among them. Everyone knew what she was up to, and everyone understood

her very well...

This was not a good sign at all.

Understanding someone should mean knowing their quirks, but it seemed like people only saw Marie's

negative side, leading to such assumptions.

"Oh, by the way, what did she want to talk to you about?" Nina curiously asked.

"Well, it wasn't anything important, but I saw her medical report," replied Luca.

Nina raised an eyebrow. Her tone was purely curious without any malicious intent. "Is she sick?"

"Yes, she's sick, and it's an infection related to gynecological issues," answered Luca.

Nina frowned and recalled the absurd things Marie did when she was with Jean. It seemed like she

could understand what Luca meant by gynecological issues.

"She's really unlucky."

"Yes, if not treated promptly, it can easily turn cancerous," added Luca. Even though Marie had folded

the report, Luca saw the positives mentioned in it. Some could cause skin diseases, while others, in

severe cases, could lead to cancer.

Nina immediately understood. "I get it. I still remember how absurd it was when she was with Jean. The

things they did together. I understand how Marie ended up like this.”

She knew what Jean had made Marie do.

However, Nina did not stop them because she could not.

At that time, Marie knew Jean was a scumbag, but she still chose to date him. They even lived

together. That was why her outcome was not hard to foresee.

Luca nodded. She also knew some things.

However, those were Marie's choices.

Footsteps echoed from the stairs.

Luca and Nina both looked toward the staircase and saw Luke coming down. They withdrew their

gazes when he reached downstairs.

Luke walked over to the couch and sat down. "What were you guys talking about?"

"I ran into Marie at the hospital just now," Luca did not hide anything and detailed some things.

After Luke finished listening, he raised an eyebrow, feeling like she was withholding something. novelbin

However, since Luca was not in a rush to tell him after coming back, it probably was not something


At least, Luca thought it was not important. Luke did not ask what she was hiding. Instead, he said,

"We need to go on a business trip."

"A business trip?" Luca was surprised. If Luke had to go on a business trip, she could understand.

Sometimes, unexpected work required his attention, so impromptu business trips were common.

Still, why include her on this trip?

Luca clearly heard him say 'we'...

Luke sent an invitation to Luca’s phone. "This is an invitation from the Pharmaceutical Association.

"Back then, invitations of this sort usually didn't end up in my hands because Jason would intercept

them. So, it wasn't until today that I got wind of it."

Invitations like this one were usually intercepted by Jason. For events that were not particularly

important, he would not bother notifying Luke.

For more critical occasions that required company representatives, Jason would find the corresponding

department head to attend.

Luke would not attend such events.

Luca understood the implication, so she opened the invitation message.

It was a networking event organized by the Pharmaceutical Association. These kinds of gatherings

were opportunities for companies in the industry to exchange pharmaceutical information and seek


It was not a very important event. The attendees were usually not significant figures within the


Having the head of the marketing department attend was sufficient, and there was no need for a

professor to participate in such networking events.

However, Luke was interested in this particular one, indicating that the situation was not


Considering a possibility, Luca said to Luke, "Is this networking event important for Watson?"

Luke pondered for a moment.

It was not crucial for Watson, but it was significant for Luca and him.

He shook his head.

Luca frowned. If it was not important for Watson but Luke wanted to attend it and she needed to

accompany him, then it meant it was crucial for them.

At the thought of this, Luca said, "I'll go upstairs to pack for the business trip."

She noticed that the event was not in A City but in the neighboring X City. Considering that Abel's main

base was in X City, her growing unease intensified.

The patrols in A City were pretty stringent now, to the extent that Abel was reluctant to concentrate too

much of his operational force here. He wanted to avoid the risk of getting caught by the city police.

Currently, most of the Island of Despair's activities were concentrated in X City. It was not the capital,

so police scrutiny was not as strict.

As Nina listened to their conversation, she could not help but become confused.

If it was an unimportant networking event, why would Luke go?

Luke was the CEO of T Corporation. Even in her own company, Brilliant, they usually had the manager

of the marketing department attend the less important industry events.

Nina and Sue would only attend larger-scale ones, those that were more renowned in the industry. It

was only for such occasions that they took it seriously and decided to attend.

Normally, for less important ones, they would not bother wasting their time.

However, Luke chose to attend such an event, and Luca has agreed to it as well.

Nina vaguely felt like they were playing a guessing game.

Yet, there was no evidence to prove that they were playing a guessing game. She watched them go

upstairs one after the other.

'Did something bad happen?' Nina suddenly had a doubt in her heart.

However, it was clear that Luca and Luke did not want to bring up the matter in front of her. She did not

want to ask further either.

Luca walked toward the bedroom, and Luke followed closely behind. After entering the bedroom, he

closed the door.

Luca asked straightforwardly, "Is something going to happen at the event?"

"No." Luke shook his head. "But I received information that Abel will be attending the networking


Luca furrowed her brows. Abel would be attending the event?

Even for more crucial networking events, Abel might not necessarily attend. Why would he show up for

this one that was not particularly important?

Even though Luke said nothing would happen at the networking event, she had a feeling that Abel's

presence might stir up trouble.

For Luca, Abel was an ominous figure.

His calls, texts, and even his appearances always brought about unfortunate events.

Luca felt uneasy and turned to look at Luke. "Are you going to meet him?"

"Yes, I plan to meet him formally," replied Luke. There had been relatively little direct contact between

him and Abel.

The last time, he even drugged Luke's drink. Back then, he did not know Abel's identity and suspected

it was someone else's doing.

After all, the identity Abel assigned himself seemed perfectly ordinary. When they investigated him

back then, nothing questionable surfaced, so there was no reason to doubt his identity.

Upon reflection, Luke had not come face-to-face with Abel since that incident.

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