The Untouchable Ex-Wife

Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617

"I'll ask her to come for the test, but I have a request.” Xavier met Stefan's gaze evenly.

"What request?" Stefan asked calmly, not wanting to make a scene.

"If Shirley's eyes are compatible, you have to ask for her permission to take them. You can't forcefully

take her eyes from her," Xavier insisted. This was the limit of his compromise, and he felt that every

human being deserved that much. Sight was so important, and it was illegal to take that away from

someone forcefully.

"No, I disagree." Stefan's expression was indifferent. "No one will give up their eyes willingly. If I respect

her wishes, then we can't move forward." "It's fine!" Leia said suddenly, "We promise not to remove

Shirley's eyes without her permission. Just get her here; I promise I won't force her."

Stefan frowned and looked at Leia in dissatisfaction, then said coldly," That's your promise, not mine."

"Agree to his demands now, and I promise you I'll make her give up her eyes to Renee willingly," Leia

said determinedly.

"What do you have in mind?" Stefan was reluctant. Time was of the essence, and it would be a waste novelbin

of time if Shirley's eyes were a match but they stayed here talking about pointless things. Besides, he

didn't think that Leia could persuade Shirley.

"I know what to do. You'll see." Leia then turned to Xavier and said, "We won't force Shirley. Ask her to

come here now." "Okay." Xavier did not say much because it was urgent, and quickly called Shirley.

As expected, Shirley rushed to Everheart Manor when Xavier called her. However, when she arrived at

the manor and saw so many people eyeing her, she became so frightened that she hid behind Xavier.

"What's going on, Xavier? Why did you ask me to come here?" Shirley tugged at Xavier's arm timidly.

She had known something was up, but she decided to risk it since Xavier had called her. She felt that

she had a chance to win him back if she risked everything.

Shirley's pitiful look was vastly different from her wicked and superior expression in the private room a

while back, and Leia sneered mockingly." Ms. White, don't you know why you're here? Look at my

injuries. What should you say?"

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