The Untouchable Ex-Wife

Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612

Heart aching) Xavier carried Leia and quickly walked to his car. He opened the door to the back seat

and gently laid her there.

"Are you feeling cold? Just hold on, alright... You'll be okay soon." Xavier got into the car and turned on

the heater, and the car slowly grew warm. Xavier glanced at Leia hopefully but she remained silent as

she curled up in the backseat. Xavier reached out and touched her cut hair, and his eyes blazed with

anger. "They're inhuman! I'll never let them off the hook!"

"Don't touch me!" Leia snapped suddenly and pushed Xavier's hand away, covering her head

protectively. Her eyes were wild and filled with tears as she spat, "You're just like them! Don't touch me.


"I'm sorry I was late. You've suffered so much..." Xavier said hoarsely. He shouldn't have been so

careless. Leia was probably being abused when he bumped into Shirley at the door of the club. No

wonder Shirley had urged him to leave—she probably knew what was happening. How despicable! novelbin

Xavier never wanted to think the worst of Shirley, but all the things she had done were unbelievably


"What's the use of apologizing?" Abruptly, Leia looked up and said coldly, "If you're really sorry, bring

Shirley here. I'll get people to tear off her clothes and cut off her hair, then they can curse her and spit

at her while she's lying naked on the street."

"Those fans were outrageous! I won't let them off the hook. As for Shirley..." Xavier clenched his fists.

He didn't want to believe that it was related to Shirley. At most, maybe Shirley was just aware of it, so

he objected to taking revenge on Shirley.

"Hmph! You're still taking her side!" Although Leia was disappointed, she didn't get mad. she smoothed

her hair and forced herself to calm down, then said casually, "I don't mind letting it go, but I want her


"No!" Xavier immediately refused, "she has the right to decide; you can't just take them."

"Why not?" Leia wiped away the blood on her lips and said icily, " She could insult me as she liked and

eagerly goaded her fans to beat me up, so why can't I take her eyes?" If she hadn't been harmed so

badly today, she might not have been so ruthless.

Shirley had forced her hand, and the only way to handle cruel people was to give them a taste of their

own medicine.

"I know you're acting recklessly because of what you went through, and I promise that you won't suffer

for nothing... but you can't be impulsive. You—"

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