The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning

Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235

Cecilia went up and wiped Blake’s tears away gently, “It’s because I’ve

gone through that kind of pain, and I won’t let you go through it. I

won’t let you make the same mistake again, either.”

She apologized, “I’m sorry, Blake. I couldn’t take care of you when you

were younger, and it’s my fault. On the night you went missing, you

have no idea how long I searched for you.”

Cecilia continued, “You’re my only family now. I can’t lose you. I’ll

make up for all my guilt toward you from back then, bit by bit.’


“Just listen to your older sister this time, okay? Forget about Kevin

and take the position of Mrs. Xander. With me here, the Xander family

won’t oppress you, and I’ll be your one and only shield,” She

comforted Blake.

“If you were to be in the Harper family, they wouldn’t be able to help you if you were being threatened

by someone,” Cecilia explained.

Blake argued, “But what you’re giving me is not what I want. Liam is

fine, but I don’t love him! I love Kevin, so why do you have to force this

on me!?”

Cecilia told her, “Ben Parker, the mayor of Ventropolis, has been

confirmed to have a failing kidney with no possibility of any cure.

Julian Xander is among the candidates in the current election. Jardin Corporation has collaborated with

the other candidates to make sure

Julian will be elected. When he reaches that position, his position as general secretary of Ventropolis

will be open, and Liam just needs to join the political world to be able to obtain it. Naturally, Julian had

Chapter 1233


planned to leave this seat to Liam from the beginning.”

Blake was shocked and stared wide-eyed, “You’ve been colluding with the Xander family.”

Cecilia chuckled and said, “You should ask Zach this question.”

She explained, “He’s always been a calculating man. Before Zach married Madelyn, Mr. Parker wanted

to pair Audrey with Zach. Sadly, Madelyn seduced Zach, so he didn’t bother with the Parker family.”

“Politicians and businessmen always work together. How do you think Zach was able to obtain so many

development projects in Ventropolis in such a short time?” Cecilia asked.

Blake knew Audrey was the mayor’s daughter and knew that Audrey was not close with Zach, and

wanted to get closer to Kevin instead.

“So many men have tried to join the Parker family, but none of them managed to catch Audrey’s

interest. With Mr. Parker dying soon, Mr. Xander’s promotion will be guaranteed, unless the Parker

family can

find a suitable candidate,” Cecilia said.

‘Of course! The Parker family has two daughters. The eldest, Audrey,

is weak, while the other one is still too immature. She wouldn’t be

able to shoulder the burden of the Parker family. The Parker family is

in checkmate with no way out,’ Blake remembered.

Seeing Blake hesitate, Cecilia helped her smoothen her collar. Then,

she said, “Blake, although the Harper family has you beholden to

them, I’m not as heartless as you say I am. I remember how well the

Harper family treated you, and I’m thankful to them for that.”

“Three days should be enough for you to think about it carefully. I novelbin

Chapter 1235


have a meeting to attend, so enough about all this for now. We can

have lunch together. I’ve already made reservations, so remember to come to my office,” Cecilia


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