The Return of His Unrivaled Ex-Wife

Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250

“Ouch.” Bruce subconsciously rubbed his temples again.

Seeing this, Joanna asked with concern, “Is your head hurting again?”

“Yes. I can’t bear it anymore. Let Miya massage my head for me.”


Bruce did not say anything else. He turned around and went to the physiotherapy room.

A while passed.

Miya came over to massage Bruce’s head. novelbin

His head was really hurting badly today. Fortunately, Miya’s massage skills were very good.

After a while, Bruce’s headache eased and he gradually fell asleep.

As Miya looked at Bruce’s sleeping face, she was unconsciously lost in thought.

Although she hated Bruce to the core and wanted revenge, she had to admit that Bruce was indeed

very handsome. Moreover, he was really a very charming man.

If Bruce hadn’t caused Miya’s grandfather’s death, Miya would probably have been tempted by him.

Miya’s massaging hands gradually slowed down. And she began to massage Bruce’s shoulders and


Her fingers brushed over every part of his body. It was really like a carefully carved sculpture.

Miya was in a daze.

“Ah. Aria…” Bruce’s entire body trembled. He suddenly woke up from the nightmare and

subconsciously grabbed Miya’s hand.

Miya was shocked. “Mr. Everett, what’s wrong?”

Bruce’s heart was pounding and he was covered in cold sweat.

After a few seconds, he gradually regained consciousness and hurriedly let go of Miya’s hand.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m fine.” Miya smiled gently at him.

“Mr. Everett, did you have a nightmare?”

“Oh, yes.” Bruce took a deep breath and lay back down. His heart was still pounding.

He had just had a very scary dream.

Bruce dreamed that Aria fell off a cliff and was devoured by countless pythons. He went to save her

and then also slid down the cliff.

“Dreams are all reversed,” Miya said as she began to stand beside Bruce again, concentrating on

massaging his arm.

Now, Miya had basically gained the couple’s trust.

She could slowly implement the second step of the plan.

Bruce didn’t say anything.

This dream was very inauspicious. He had a feeling that Aria was definitely in big trouble.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Joanna knocked on the door and pushed it open.

Miya was originally massaging Bruce’s arm. When she saw Joanna enter, she subconsciously

retreated to the head of the bed.

As soon as Joanna saw this, her expression froze. “Are you still getting a massage?”

“Well. Right.” Bruce still lay down and did not get up.

Miya had exceptional skills, whether massaging his head or other parts. It was all done professionally

and felt very relaxing.

Recently, Bruce felt a little tired. He really enjoyed Miya’s massage technique. Therefore, he did not

refuse when Miya massaged his shoulders, back, and even legs.

“What’s wrong? I just heard you scream outside,” Joanna asked.

“Mr. Everett just had a nightmare,” Miya replied.

“What kind of nightmare?”

Bruce replied, “It’s okay. It’s just a dream.

“Is dinner ready?”

“It’s ready. It’s time to eat,” Joanna said.

“Oh, okay.” Bruce stretched lazily, stood up, and followed Joanna to the dining room.

Joanna took a deep breath and felt a little suffocated.

Actually, massaging was not something out of line.

However, Joanna had watched the news. There were many ways to massage. Even if there was

nothing to do, Miya could still cause trouble.

Although Miya looked very well-behaved, Joanna still felt that something was wrong.

Then they arrived at the dining room.

The family of six gathered around the table and prepared to eat.

“I just called Grace. They said they’re holding a wedding at Enigrove Church. I’m going to help her pick

out wedding dresses and wedding gift in two days.”

“Just let the servants do this.”

“It’s more sincere to do it yourself.”

“Joann…” Bruce looked deeply at Joanna and hesitated.

That dream just now was so inauspicious.

To be honest, Bruce was really worried that something had happened to Aria.

However, Joanna was about to give birth. Even if Bruce knew that Aria was in danger, he would not

abandon Joanna and save Aria.

“What are you getting at?” Joanna asked.

“It’s nothing. I’m just afraid that you’ll keep moving around. It may affect the baby”

Joanna replied, “That won’t happen.

“Let’s eat.”


During the meal, although Bruce was chatting and laughing with the children, Joanna could tell that he

was troubled.

“It’s almost seven months now. I don’t think there’s a need to get any more prenatal massages. I’ve

also asked the doctor. It’s not suitable for massages this month,” Joanna said casually.

“Well, and?”

“I don’t think there’s a need for a prenatal massage. Miya can be reassigned to a different position.”

Joanna’s words were already very obvious. She wanted to fire Miya.

Bruce was stunned and looked at Joanna in confusion.

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