The Man’s Decree

Chapter 3552

Chapter 3552

Early the next morning, the entire Henningsen family gathered together, including Cloud, Montane

Daemon, and Igor.

However, even with Montane Daemon and Igor, the Summers family would still struggle to match the

strength of the Henningsen family.

After all, the Summers family members were significantly weaker, putting them at a clear disadvantage.

“Ms. Summers, Mr. Rowland, please prepare yourselves along with the other Summers family

members and Mr. Daemon. Mr. Oscar and I will go to the Henningsen residence first to assess the

situation. If necessary, I will inform you, and you can attack the Henningsen family to divert their

attention. I’ll try to rescue Mr. Tyler and Mr. Jacques,” Jared explained his plan to Jennifer and Todd.

“Mr. Chance, the Demon Seal Alliance is our archenemy. They must be searching for you everywhere.

If you enter the Henningsen residence like this, aren’t you walking into a trap?” Montane Daemon


Since the Henningsen family was a branch of the Demon Seal Alliance, it was dangerous for Jared to

go there.

“I can use the Impersonation Technique. The Henningsen family won’t realize it,” Jared reassured.

He then used the Impersonation Technique to transform himself into an exact replica of Vilhelm.

Many members of the Summers family were astonished to see him transform into Vilhelm.

Oscar was also visibly surprised.

“Mr. Chance, even if you can change your appearance, it’s still…” Jennifer glanced at Oscar, worried

that he might change his mind and reveal Jared’s true identity at the Henningsen residence. That would

be troublesome.

Oscar understood Jennifer’s concern and said in displeasure, “Jennifer, although Tyler and I have

different political views, I won’t harm him or let him die. I want to lead the Summers family to prosperity

and make it even more glorious!”

“Rest assured, Ms. Summers. Unless he wishes to meet his own demise, he wouldn’t dare to play any

tricks. The poison in his system hasn’t been neutralized yet,” Jared explained cheerfully.

Jared would never risk Oscar’s conscience. At that time, Oscar was still poisoned, and only Jared

could cure him. Therefore, he wouldn’t dare to play any tricks!

With everything settled, Oscar led Jared towards the Henningsen residence. Meanwhile, Illias was in a

room made of unique stones within the Henningsen residence.

In this room, Rueben Henningsen, Illias’ son, resided.

Rueben’s face was deathly pale, almost frightening. He looked like a lifeless person, and his eyes were


Ilias gazed at Rueben with indulgence and said, “Rueben, hold on a little longer. I’ve already brought

the head of the Summers family here to destroy the arcane array. Once the array is destroyed, you can

enter the Holy Pond. Your bloodline will be restored, and you won’t have to be locked up here


“Dad, I’ve lost all hope. I’m worse than a cripple now. Don’t waste time on me. Let me die,” Rueben’s

eyes were filled with despair.

“Silly child, what are you saying? Wait until you recover in the Holy Pond, and everything will be fine.

I’ve also prepared a large amount of resources for you. Once your body recovers, I can help you break

through quickly! You must have confidence and never give up on yourself!” Ilias tried to persuade

Rueben, fearing that he might lose hope.

“Yeah, I understand,” Rueben nodded Just then, Russell’s voice echoed from outside. “Mr. Henningsen,

Mr. Oscar from the Summers family has arrived. He wishes to discuss joining the Demon Seal Alliance

with you.”

“Understood!” Ilias replied.

After giving Rueben’s shoulder a comforting pat, Ilias exited the room. As soon as he stepped outside,

the indulgent expression on his face transformed into a cold and ruthless demeanor.novelbin

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