The Luna Choosing Game

Chapter 363

Chapter 363

Chapter 0363

If I missed it, Nicholas would undoubtedly take the cuff and make his own plans. He’d exclude me,

giving me some excuse about

protection, while selflessly throwing himself into the same danger I’d

face. novelbin

I couldn’t let him do that.

So I looped my arm with Julian’s and let him lead me to the sitting room where Nicholas and Veronica

were waiting. When Julian and I entered, Nicholas glared at where Julian’s arm held mine. On reflex, I

retracted my arm from Julian’s.

Julian didn’t seem outwardly bothered by it. He sauntered into the room like he owned it. “Careful with

your glare, Nicholas. Hold it too long, and your face might stay that way.”

Nicholas growled lightly.

Veronica stood from the couch. She was holding the box with the cuff again. “Enough child play. The

event is tomorrow evening, and we are no closer to deciding on a plan.”

“It’s difficult when we aren’t sure how Jane will make her m

Julian said. “I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground, and thoug have a few leads, I can’t act yet.”

“Leads?” I asked, coming into the circle the other three had forme

What leads?”

“I can’t tell you, yet,” Julian said. “They are merely rumors as of now.”

“We can’t act on rumors,” Nicholas said.

Julian shrugged and nodded.

“I’ll take the cuff,” I said. Nicholas opened his mouth, likely to argue, yet before he could, I pushed

forward. “Whatever Jane’s other plans, we know she will personally enjoy mocking me. The odds she

will come to me are higher than anyone else.”

Nicholas furrowed his brow, but his mouth closed. He knew I was


“Besides,” I said, laughing a little to hide my own sadness and fear. As the only one without a wolf, if

she gets the cuff away from me and tries to use it on me instead, it won’t have any effect.”

Veronica held the box to me. I accepted it.

“If we’re done -” Veronica started.

“Wait,” Julian said. Looking at me, he fished his hand into his inside coat pocket. He retrieved a

beautiful necklace: a full moon pendant on a long silver chain.

“Another tracker?” I asked.

He nodded. “Come here and turn around.”

I obeyed. Then he draped the necklace around my neck. He my hair to the side and clasped the

necklace behind my neck.

I carefully avoided looking at Nicholas, but I could still feel his jealous irritation rankle over me, as if I

was the one jealous.

To show their was no partiality on my part, I asked, “Everyone will receive the signal this time, right?”

Julian didn’t answer right away. Not until I turned around and looked at him.

“Yes. Nicholas and I will receive a message with your GPS location. All you have to do is press down

on the moon.”



“Thank you,” I said.

“Piper.” Nicholas’s voice was growly. In addition to the jealousy, was also worry. I could see it in his

eyes as I faced him once more.

Things felt strained between us. Yes, we’d shared a fantastic moment there in that closet, but it had not

cleared any of the uncertainty between us. If anything, only felt more confused and

embarrassed than before.

I could share in Nicholas’s worry though. I certainly wasn’t looking forward to seeing Jane again.

I was afraid for what I would have to do. I’d still do it, but… I understood as much as Nicholas and

Julian and likely Veronica, that there was a less than zero chance of me being hurt tomorrow night.

“Please,” Nicholas said, softly now. “Promise me you will be careful.”

If harm was coming for me, no promise would save me. But for Nicholas, I would try.

“I promise,” I told him, and hoped I could keep it.

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