The Guardian's Sword

Chapter 2505

Chapter 2505

Chapter 2505

Before Sean and the others arrived at Greenview Hotel, Kennedy had already led a few directors of

Reason Group and the heads of several affluent families in Ocean City into the hotel.

Reason Group's market value fell by 60 billion in just one afternoon, which was much more than

Kennedy could bear.

Sixty billion was a lot of money for Kennedy.

After all, Reason Group was his main financial source.

Kennedy alone owned 40% of the shares. Reason Group's market value was originally 100 billion, so

Kennedy now owned 40 billion. novelbin

Including other businesses, Kennedy's fortune was around 70 to 80 billion.

As Reason Group's market value plummeted by 60 billion, Kennedy's assets also fell by nearly 30


To recover Reason Group's losses and bring Reason Group back to its 100 billion market value again,

Kennedy also got off his high horse for the first time and invited the heads of several affluent families in

Ocean City to discuss.

Although Reason Group suffered a huge loss, it was still doing better than ordinary companies.

The heads of the affluent families rushed to Greenview Hotel after receiving Kennedy's invitation.

If they could help Kennedy get through this, it meant Kennedy would owe them a favor.

Kennedy's favor was good enough for them to do many things in Ocean City.

Under Curtis' warm welcome, more than a dozen people filed into Emperor's Suite.

"Everyone, I won't waste time talking nonsense! I believe you know Reason Group's current state. I

invited you here to discuss whether you can cooperate with us! The businesses you run are very much

in line with Reason Group. If we can join hands, it won't be difficult for Reason Group to overcome this


Kennedy picked up a glass of wine and said to the others at the table.

The heads of the affluent families present were momentarily lost in thought when they heard that.

"Old Master Lake, since you asked, we won't refuse! Since we're also working with others anyway, it's

better to work with Old Master Lake than other people." "Yes, I'll cut ties with other companies

tomorrow and work with Reason Group!" "Hehe, we won't say no since you asked. I'll have someone

reach out to Reason Group about the cooperation tomorrow!"

Soon, many people began expressing their willingness to work with Reason Group.

Kennedy smiled when they all agreed.

Kennedy had a grimace on all afternoon because of the plunge in Reason Group's market value.

If all these families cooperated with Reason Group, Reason Group might even become stronger

because of this incident.

"Yes! Thank you very much. I owe you one!"

Kennedy answered with a smile.

Then, the crowd raised their glasses and finished their wine in one gulp.

Curtis also breathed a sigh of relief. If Reason Group collapsed, the Lake family would ultimately be

much worse than before even if they did not collapse.

Curtis, who had always considered himself the top heir in Ocean City, could not accept it.

With so many families willing to cooperate with Reason Group, Reason

Group preserved its market value, and he also kept his position as the top heir in Ocean City.

Sean and the others arrived at Greenview Hotel.

Titus was the first to get out once the car was parked.

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