The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

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Chatper 500

Helen whipped out a stack of neatly arranged papers and slammed them on the table, stammering, "G- Go on, take it—that's grandfather's will, and you can have your wish to return to the Southstream Lanes."

Cindy promptly snatched the papers, though she kept smiling. "What are you saying, Helen? This isn't important—we're all worried about you!"

"Yeah." Gina frowned. "If you stayed like this, Lane Holdings would—"

"Mrs. Lane, Cindy."

Gina turned, feeling saved when she saw the tall man dressed sharply in a suit who had just entered the bar. "Oh, Mr. Graves! You have to talk to Helen—we're just not getting through with her."

"Alright. You should go home—just leave her to me," Chaz Graves replied, frowning in a rare expression of disgust when he saw what a mess Helen was. novelbin

Still, he quickly hid it with a smile.

"Wonderful! You really come through for us when it matters, Mr. Graves!" Gina exclaimed in delight.

"Allow me to buy you drinks next time for taking such good care of us, Mr. Graves," Cindy said, winking

flirtatiously at Chaz.

Hughie was dead, so she urgently needed another sugar daddy, even if it was Helen's fiance.

"What a minx," Chaz chuckled under his breath, though his expression remained polite.

"Alright, let's go, Cindy. Let's leave the rest to Mr. Graves," Gina said just then.


Once Gina and Cindy left, Chaz ordered a drink and sat beside Helen, forcing his most understanding

smile. "It hurts to hear about your grandfather's passing, Helen, but he's gone. There are still all the

people in Lane Holdings counting on you, and I'm sure your grandfather wouldn't want you to stay like


Hearing Chaz's quiet comforting, Helen looked up lazily and asked almost unintelligibly, "Did you really

save Frank? Please tell me the truth and don't lie."


Chaz felt like he had been caught red-handed as Helen mentioned it out of the blue, but he was not

about to admit anything now.

Bracing himself, he said, "Of course I did. Did he lie to you again? I even heard that he's the reason

your grandfather killed himself because he attacked your manor."

Helen chuckled but did not allow Chaz to change the subject. "I really don't know who to trust now...

and I have another question."

Chaz nodded. "Shoot."

"Did the healer you send really cure Luna?" Helen asked, her eyes flashing seriously despite being drunk.

It left Chaz hesitant, though he soon sighed. "You still wouldn't trust me or the cameras, Helen? You'd rather buy your ex-husband's empty words?"

In reality, he was panicking—the Seaham healer he sent made it very clear that unless he was provided the drakeroot, he would not be able to cure Luna.

He also added that his acupoint needles only served to prolong Luna's life by a few weeks.

However, when he found out that Luna made a full recovery miraculously and mentioned Frank molesting her, he knew that Frank was the one who cured Luna.

But he was not about to spill the beans—that would just prove Frank's superiority over him!

Instead, he pulled some strings to have hospital security provide him with the security footage, which he doctored afterwards.

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