The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 2625

Chapter 2625

Chapter 2625

On Leon’s end, he followed Roman to the Morrisons' mansion and obtained the Rainbow Fruit.

After bidding farewell, he followed Fletcher to the Dragon Corps.

Just then, he received a call from Hugo and learned that the Morrisons agreed to his terms, intending

to work with Cynthion Group.

He came to the western region specifically to establish a partnership with the Morrisons to expand

Cynthion Group’s market.

The Morrisons agreeing to the terms worked perfectly to his advantage.

Initially, he wanted to hurry back to the hotel to discuss further terms with Caleb and the others.

However, he already agreed to go to the Dragon Corps and Fletcher was extremely sincere when he

extended the invitation, so Leon could not possibly go back on his words.

Hence, he could only tell Hugo and the others to wait at home and they could discuss further when he

came back.

Fletcher felt glad that he followed Leon to the Morrisons' mansion, after all. otherwise, Leon might have

given up on going to the Dragon Corps.

With that, Leon followed Fletcher, Howard, and another Dragon Guard to the western branch of the

Dragon Corps.

In the National Security Department, Leon and the others were heading to the Dragon Corps' branch

through the National Security Department.

"Hang on!" Howard stopped. "Mister Wolf, it's our base ahead and unrelated personals are not allowed

inside, why don't you stay here and wait for Fletcher?" he said and reached out an arm to

stop Leon.

He did not know why Fletcher insisted on bringing Leon here, but he knew that ordinary people were

not allowed inside and there was no way he would allow an outsider like Leon to barge inside.

"It's fine. Howard, Mister Wolf is special and not an outsider. He can just follow US un!" Fletcher said

with a smile.

"What do you mean? Fletcher, you know the rules. If you want to bring him in, you need to at least

inform Mister Orpwood about this. He can't enter unless Mister Orpwood says so!" Howard said with


"It is fine! Howard, I've already told you that Mister Wolf is special. We don't need to report to Mister

Orpwood ahead of time," Fletcher paused and glanced at Leon, silently asking if he could inform

Howard Leon's true identity.

Back on the mountain, he could not do so because the Morrisons were present. However, there were

no outsiders around at the moment, and he felt that he could tell Howard the truth. novelbin

Still, he needed to seek Leon's approval before that.

However, before Leon had the chance to do so, Howard said, "You, you're being a fool! Forget it. If you

want to take him in, do as you please. If this enrages Mister Orpwood, don't blame me for not warning


He felt that bringing Leon along was inappropriate all along and tried to talk Fletcher out of it multiple


Yet, Fletcher refused to listen and insisted on bringing Leon into the base of the Dragon Corps.

This frustrated him, so he decided not to get involved and strode inside without hesitation.

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