The Double Life of My Billionaire Husband

Chatper 606

Chatper 606

Chapter 606

“What do you mean? I’m just here to attend a regular award ceremony,” Natalie answered. Her tone

was less cordial than last time.

Sneering, Kathie remarked, “Last time you broke into the Iridescent Show, and this time you came to

the writers ‘ award ceremony. Which man did you hook up with this time? Does Barnes have a man like


“I entered the venue as a designer of a winner’s dress today, relying on no man. How about you? How

did you get in?” Natalie said with her eyes narrowed.

Estella had informed Natalie that the award ceremony was for writers. It was she who requested that

Natalie be invited to the party, for she wasn’t really from the circle. Natalie was curious as to how

Kathie, who wasn’t a writer either, got invited.

In a split second, Kathie’s expression darkened. She was about to speak but refrained herself after

giving it some thought. A seasoned voice then emerged behind Natalie. “Kathie, have you found it?”

Natalie noticed the man who was around sixty years old as she glanced sideways. His face was

wrinkly, and his hair was already beginning to turn grey. He appeared more hale and active than his

peers while sporting a pair of round-framed glasses.

The elderly man was old enough to be Kathie’s father. Was he related to Kathie? Did he bring her


Natalie noticed the elderly man placing his frail hand on Kathie’s waist while she pondered.

“What’s wrong?” the man asked.

Leaning against the old man’s chest, Kathie whined in an intentionally thin voice, “Mr. Ortiz, I met a

colleague who used to bully me. She ruined my career as a designer.”

“Who had the audacity to hurt my sweetheart?” Ameer Ortiz was clearly upset, but his eyes sparkled as

he turned to face Natalie.

Everyone adored a youthful, stunning, and exquisite woman like Natalie. Ameer’s expression quickly

had harmony in it. “Lady, Kathie has a nasty temper. Please pardon her. Still, it’s not a minor matter to

ruin a person’s career. We’ll let it go if you apologize to her right now.”

Natalie glanced at Kathie with disdain and stated slowly, “You want me to apologize to her? Are you


“Look at how conceited she is! Mr. Ortiz, please do something!” Kathie whined like a spoiled child to

Ameer standing next to her.

“Okay, don’t worry, sweetheart,” said Ameer in a soft tone.

He walked up to Natalie and admonished her in a loud voice, “Don’t be arrogant and apologize to

Kathie right now. Then I won’t mind your nasty behaviors earlier. You can live in my villa with Kathie if

you wish, and you don’t have to work anymore.”

“So Kathie has turned into a prostitute?” “Don’t claim to have been a designer,” Natalie chided. “It’s an

insult to the designer profession.”

It appeared that after being barred, Kathie decided to sell her b*ody to make money.

“What kind of bullshit are you trying to bring up?” Kathie quickly stepped forward and attempted to slap


When she noticed that Ameer was staring at her, she controlled her rage, shook his arm, and pleaded

with him, “How could you let her insult me in public?”

Ameer’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Natalie, giving off a menacing expression. “Do you realize who

you have offended?”

“I’ve heard of the Ortiz Technology Company, so of course, I know you. You’ve been trying to win the

White family over as your client for almost half a year, right?” Natalie asked gravely. “The White family

has always been careful in choosing partners, but it seems your partnership plan is in jeopardy,” she


Ameer’s eyes were filled with disdain. With a grin, he replied, “It’s good that you understand the

strength of our Ortiz Technology Company. Besides, you have no right to sabotage the partnership

between me and the White family!”

Natalie raised her eyebrows and smirked. “Let’s wait and see.”

“Natalie,” Kathie sneered, “you did it on purpose, didn’t you? You can’t scare me. I’ll tell you what—I’ll

call my b*odyguards and ask them to teach you a lesson!”

They were so focused on Natalie that they did not notice that Ameer’s assistant had been frantically

winking at them. He looked anxious, but he did not dare to interrupt them. novelbin

When Ameer finally noticed his assistant’s signals, he rolled his eyes and snapped, “What are you

trying to say?!” The assistant took a look at Natalie and whispered something in Ameer’s ear.

Upon hearing his assistant, Ameer’s face and attitude changed dramatically. He looked at Natalie and

exclaimed, “Oh my God! I’m so sorry, Mrs. Larson. I didn’t mean to offend you. Please don’t take what

I’ve said to heart.” 1 He had no idea that the woman standing in front of him was the daughter of the

White family and the wife of the Larson’s Group CEO.

As if Kathie had not got a clue, she pulled Ameer’s sleeve and continued acting like a spoiled child.

“Hey! Why are you apologizing to her?”

“I know that aside from the White family, you’re still negotiating with the Larson Group for cooperation.

And once the sponsorship of Larson Group has been approved, your factory will finally start its

operation. You know, you must’ve spent most of your funds hiring workers during the early stages. But

if the cooperation between you, the White family, and Larson Group doesn’t take off, your company will

go bankrupt before this year ends.”

Cold sweat broke out from Ameer’s forehead. In desperation, he clasped his hands and implored,

“Please, you know our company has hundreds of employees. Please do forgive me. If you want, you

can punch, slap, or even beat me. Just please leave my company out of this.”

Kathie could not stand seeing Ameer so pathetic. In annoyance, she pulled him back and sarcastically

asked, “Why are you apologizing to her? She’s just a lowly designer. What are you so afraid of?”

“You stupid bitch!” Ameer slapped Kathie across the face and bellowed, “Haven’t you realized who that

woman is? You just made a big, big trouble. You know very well who she is, but you still wouldn’t stop.

You’re not only courting death, but you’re also dragging me down with you!”

The force of Ameer’s slap made Kathie fall to the ground. It also attracted the attention of those who

were around. At this moment, Kathie clutched her red and swollen cheek and stammered, “What-what

does it have to do with me?!”

Ameer was seething in anger toward Kathie. He raised his hand to slap her for the second time.

Fortunately for her, his assistant stopped him in time.

“Teach this bitch a lesson!” Ameer waved his hand, and several b*odyguards pinned Kathie onto the


“What-what are you doing? Let go of me! I said let go of me!” Kathie shouted hysterically.

Ameer turned to Natalie and solemnly asked, “Mrs. Larson, how would you like me to deal with that

woman? I now regret hooking up with that bitch! Since she was banned, she slept with several men to

make money. In fact, I only took her in because I took pity on her. I didn’t realize she was only using

me. Just say the word, and I will immediately get rid of her.”

Kathie’s face was pressed against the cold, hardwood floor. The mocking gaze of the crowd, as well as

the way the b*odyguards handled her, made her feel humiliated. “What the f*uck do you want?” Kathie

roared while struggling from the weight of the b*odyguards.

Meanwhile, Ameer leisurely took a baton from a guard nearby and brandished it twice.

“You almost ruined my company, you f*ucking bitch!” Ameer hit Kathie’s abdomen as he spoke.

Kathie curled up on the ground and clutched her stomach in pain. Her whole b*ody ached as if all her

bones were broken. What was more, her delicate makeup was ruined and her face now was a mess.

Ameer waved the baton again, but Natalie stopped him. “That’s enough. This is not the right place nor

time to make a scene.” She walked over and squatted in front of Kathie. Then, with a sneer tugging at

the corners of her mouth, she lifted Kathie’s chin and coldly said, “I don’t give second chances to those

who have hurt me. You’d better not show up in front of me again.”

Kathie would no longer make money in Natalie’s territory. “Yes, yes! And I won’t!” she replied while

nodding her head vigorously.

Since when did Natalie become so vicious? She seemed to change so much in just a month. She had

become totally different from the lady Kathie had met at the show before.

At last, Natalie stood up and said to Ameer, “She’s a wreck right now. Mr. Ortiz, I want you to ask your

b*odyguards to send her out of Barnes. I don’t want to see her face ever again.”

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