The Charismatic Charlie Wade

Chapter 5605

Chapter 5605

Charlie didn’t hide it from her and said directly, “I encountered a little trouble in the United States and need to return to China via Canada. If you can come to Canada as soon as possible, I will, I can get away.”

When Helena heard this, she said without hesitation without asking about the specific situation, “Don’t worry, sir, I will try my best to leave for Canada as soon as possible. The sooner, the better.”

As she said that, she looked at the time and said, “Mr. Wade, please wait a moment. I’ll go confirm with them.”

Generally speaking, visits at the diplomatic level are strictly scheduled. After all, it involves issues such as time schedules and security preparations for both parties. It is not easy to change the time.

But Helena’s current situation is rather special.

Although she is treated as a national monarch in terms of treatment, in fact she is mainly the first mascot in Northern Europe.

In addition, we are not here to talk about anything important. We are mainly here to show our faces, have a look around among the people, and gain some goodwill from both parties, so it will not take up too much time from the top management of Canada. With more time and energy, the deployment will not be so troublesome.

Moreover, this time Helena came to Canada, she was invited by Canada. Even the itinerary and route respected her personal wishes, so in this matter, she The initiative is also much greater.

The reason why Helena has such a big initiative is mainly because she has several great advantages.

The first advantage is that she is so good-looking. Looking at the entire European royal family, no one can match her. Even the most beautiful goddess in Hollywood in the past, she is not inferior to anyone.

Bit, The second advantage is that you are young, full of positive energy, and have a healthy and sunny temperament.

Looking at the circles of celebrities in Europe and the United States, who doesn’t have a dark history?

Those who have taken drugs, had affairs, been promiscuous, beaten others, been in jail, and even been in the underworld, I dare not say that the entire upper class of Europe and America are snakes There is a nest of rats, but at least it is full of five poisons.

But Helena is different.

She was born into a royal family and received an aristocratic education when she was young. When others reached the rebellious age and began to mistreat her, her parents passed away one after another, so she had to be cautious. Only in this way can we strive for a limited living space in the cruel royal family.

This also means that she has not even gone through the rebellious period.

When other princesses were in their rebellious period, they were all in love, going to nightclubs, smoking cigarettes and even some marijuana, but Helena was the only one who did not get into any habit of getting pregnant, and even to this day They are all still perfect.

Such an impeccable image of positive energy can even withstand the scrutiny of those pedantic defenders.

Such girls are very rare not to mention in the royal family, even in the upper class society in Europe and America, so Helena is deeply loved by fans of all ages.

It goes without saying that young people like her, middle-aged and elderly people also like her. They feel that if they have a daughter, they should be as generous, flawless and self-improving as she is, and those children should not like her. Having said that, every child has fairy tale dreams of a prince and

princess. It is more realistic to like Helena than Princess Loreen. Moreover, if children like Helena, they will also be greatly recognized by their parents. I feel that this is what today’s society is like. The most positive and likable idol.

It can be said that Helena’s ability to stack buffs is no less than that of a transvestite gay in the United States who is a minority of color, has gender cognitive impairment, is extremely passionate about environmental protection, and advocates vegetarianism. super influence.

And it is precisely because these buffs on her body are constantly superimposed that Helena is extremely popular in the eyes of ordinary people.

In today’s online world, eight of the top ten internet celebrities with the highest traffic volume are demons, ghosts, demons and monsters. To have Helena, a clear stream among the clean streams, is simply a blessing to the whole world.

Therefore, Helena has long been a top celebrity in the world, so European and American countries are also eager to invite her to interact with their own countries.

To put it bluntly, it’s just to take advantage of her traffic and popularity.

Her visit to Canada was only due to several invitations and schedules from the Canadian government.

In order to allow Helena to come to Canada, the Canadian government even quietly came up with preferential trade policies for Northern Europe, which can be regarded as full of sincerity. novelbin

Since Canada is rushing to invite, Helena will have more initiative in temporarily adjusting the time.

Even though it was dark in Canada at this time, the officials who were specifically responsible for Helena’s visit to Canada urgently reported the matter to the Supreme Court immediately after receiving the short notice from the royal family. layer.

Helena did not explicitly say that she wanted to come to Canada in advance. She just told the Canadian side that she had some minor problems in her physical examination. The royal doctor arranged for her to receive treatment next week, and then gave her Canada has a choice, either come early, or postpone it until next year.

The Canadian side was naturally unwilling to miss this good opportunity to gain traffic and goodwill, so after a short discussion, they immediately agreed to Helena’s request to change the time.

So, Helena immediately called Jagoan back. As soon as the call came through, she excitedly said to Jagoan, “Mr. Jagoan, I have communicated with the Canadian government and they agreed. After accepting my request to visit in advance, in three hours, at 7 a.m. local time in Canada, the Nordic royal family and the Canadian government will announce it to the outside world at the same time!”

Jagoan was overjoyed and asked her quickly, “Then when will you leave for Canada?”

Helena said excitedly, “I have already asked the crew to prepare. People from the royal family and diplomats are still making relevant preparations. We can take off in four hours at the fastest!”

Jagoan immediately breathed a sigh of relief and thanked, “Thank you, Helena, you really helped me a lot this time!”

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