The Ceo’s Convict Wife

Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150

“Don’t talk anymore. The doctor wants you to speak less,” Amelia advised.

Undeterred, he continued, “You didn’t push me away. about hurting me?”

Are you worried

“I-I just thought that it doesn’t matter if you really wanted to hug me like this, considering you saved

me.” Amelia stammered in response as his breath brushed against her, leaving her feeling flustered.

“Really? Whether it’s gratitude, sympathy, or pity, it doesn’t matter. At least I have a place in your

heart.” She could finally see him as a potential partner.

The feeling of being ignored by her was too unbearable for him to handle.

“Warren, what are you trying to say?” she inquired.

“Amelia, you just referred to me as ‘my husband’ in front of Ryan. I-I wanted to ask if there’s a chance

to make our marriage more than just a formality. Can I truly become your husband?” His voice quivered

with nervousness as if he had mustered all his courage to broach the subject.

Amelia found herself at a loss for words, unable to provide a prompt response.

In the past, her answer would have been an unequivocal “no.” both better off apart, with no


But now, at this moment, her hesitation was evident.

Her silence seemed to only further invigorate his demeanor. A hop glint filled his eyes as he asked,

“Amelia, do I hold a place in your he

Her body quivered. Did he occupy a space within her heart?

In the past, he had indeed been etched into her heart.

Subsequently, he transformed into the source of her life’s torment, and she made every effort to

eradicate him from her heart.

Now, it appeared he was taking root once more.

“Can we really be together once more? Is it still possible between us?”

She began, “I…” Her words trailed off as she grappled with her chaotic

You don’t need to answer me right now. Take youutininna to think it horoughWarren reassured her.

“Whatever decisionnyyou make in the end, Wiillcrespect it. The fact that you didn’t immediately reject

me is already alirer of dope.”

hangigi Arrielia lay in her hospital bed, unabled skepp donadong


ould shho utuly reconcile with Warren, become a genuince.comble, and tilda accomplete family?

he bad beveved it was an impossibility, but the choice nowdaybotfore en awaiting der decision.

Would Heraclufioice lead her into an abyss of misery or a life diflecovitíth appiness?s?

Inable to siseeptriciella eventually rose from her bed, slipped on axcoat nd made berwaja vot cothe

adjoining room. She opened the doorquiedy. The caretaker whisispered.VMA York has fallen asleep

after taking hiss


I’ll keep an eye on himinfofor a while without waking him.” Amelia replied.

The caretaker left the cowora quietly.

melia approached the certd her gaze fixed on Warren, who w eaceful slumber.n

fter a considerable spavao fodi nimel she lifted her hand and gently is bandaged neck.

it that moment, the image of indicating his neck with a knife with esitation etched itself

intothermsimovlikely to haunt her for a fetime.

he desperately wished she could dhanaththe dagger from his grasp. Her eart pounded with anxiety,

fearing the night lose consciousness and anish from her world forever.

he used to harbor so much hatred forchini.

et, with the passage of time, that animosien tad gradually ebbed away.

Can we still be together?” She whispered to herscself.

But there was only silence in response

A sigh escaped her lips. As she readied herself to depart, unbidden words slipped from his slumbering

lips, “Amelia, don’t leave me…”

Startled, Amelia realized that Warren was still asleep, uttering these

words unconsciously. novelbin

“Don’t leave… Who knew that it would require so much resolve for me to answer yes to that?”

The following day, Amelia was discharged from the hospital, where Rosalie and Lillian came to collect


As Amelia packed her belongings, Warren stayed close by, and he even considered personally sending

her off to the car.

Rosalie assured him, saying, “Mr. York, we’ll make sure Amelia gets there safely. You don’t need to


“All right, I’m heading back. Have a good rest in the hospital, and I’ll come to visit you,” Amelia told


“Okay,” he replied obediently, like a diligent student.

Just as Amelia was about to follow Rosalie into the elevator, Warren suddenly embraced her once

more and whispered in her ear, “I’ll wait for you.”

She was taken by surprise, and then he let her go, saying, “All the elevator.”

Amelia bit her lip and stepped into the elevator with a flushed f

Warren’s words felt like a promise, a promise to wait for her.

But what exactly was he waiting for? Was it for her to visit him in the hospital, or was it for her answer

about being together?

The elevator doors closed slowly. Lillian playfully remarked, “Amelia, your face is all red. The

atmosphere between you and Warren seems different from before.”

Amelia, feeling a bit embarrassed, said, “All right, enough teasing about me.”

“Amelia must be feeling grateful since Warren saved her,” Rosalie commented.

“Is it just gratitude? Warren does seem like a good man. At least, when he saved Amelia, he genuinely

risked his life,” Lillian added.

As they conversed, they exited the elevator and made their way to Rosalie’s car.

Once they were inside the car, Rosalie inquired, “Amelia, what do you plan to do about Warren?”

Being close friends, she had noticed the shift in Amelia’s attitude toward him. After all, in the past, if

Warren had suddenly embraced Amelia like that, she would have pushed him away rather than


Amelia hesitated for a moment and revealed, “He wants to start anew with me, to be a real couple.

He’s asked me to think about it.” In front of her two best friends, she didn’t hold anything back.

Lillian looked intrigued. “Amelia, what’s your decision going to be?”

“I don’t know,” Amelia replied. “It’s been so many years, and I’m not sure if I should be with him.”

It was the first time in many years that she had felt this level of uncertainty about her feelings.

Rosalie offered some heartfelt advice, saying, “Amelia, you should ask yourself if you still love Warren.

In the end, I believe it comes down to love rather than a clear right or wrong”

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