The Bound Between Us

Chapter 416

Chapter 416

Chapter 416

Grannie Anita had always been a stone-cold statue when it came to Anastasia. Her disapproval was

always apparent. But today, there was a marked difference in her demeanor. Not only was she

acknowledging Anastasia, she was also showing genuine concern.

Herman and Anastasia exchanged a knowing glance. Herman, with a warm smile, guided Anastasia to

her seat.

Katelyn, visibly ecstatic, chimed in, “I’ve specially prepared a delicious chicken soup for you, Ana. I’ll go

fetch it.”

Flynn, sitting opposite Herman, chuckled, “Bro, you have no idea. Before you two got home, Grannie

has mentioned several times how eager she is for a great-grandchild.”

Grannie Anita, feigning embarrassment, lightly tapped Flynn with her walking stick and shot him a stern

look. “Can’t you keep your mouth shut for once?” novelbin

Flynn laughed heartily, “Look, Grannie is shy.”

Grannie Anita turned to Anastasia and asked, “When was your last prenatal check-up? What did the

doctor say? Boy or girl?”

“Just the day before yesterday. Everything is normal,” Anastasia responded earnestly. “We didn’t check

the gender.”

Herman added, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.”

Grannie Anita nodded in agreement. Her previous preference for boys was now absent. “Herman, this

is your first child. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, it’s all the same. I was just asking. As long as the baby’s

healthy, that’s good. Anastasia, eat up. Pregnant women are prone to low blood sugar. Don’t starve


“Thank you, Grannie,” Anastasia sighed in relief.

Anastasia realized that Grannie Anita’s change in attitude was due to familial bonds. The old lady’s

stubbornness was a manifestation of her love, and so was her letting go of prejudice.

Katelyn presented the chicken soup. “Ana, have a taste.”

“Mom, only Ana gets it?” Flynn joked, “Looks like Herman and I are out of favor.”

Katelyn rolled her eyes at Flynn. “You’re a grown man. Why do you need chicken soup? If you want it,

bring me a daughter-in-law.”

Flynn, holding a plate of pasta, retorted, “I’ll stick with my pasta then.”

Katelyn laughed, “You’re hopeless.”

The atmosphere during the meal was amicable, and Anastasia felt no pressure. She leaned towards

Herman and whispered, “Where’s your Dad?”

Just as she finished her sentence, Feiman’s voice echoed from outside, “Herman, Ana, you’re here.”

Feiman, beaming from ear to ear, held a bouquet of flowers as he walked towards Katelyn. “For you,


Katelyn’s smile faded at Feiman’s appearance. “Find a vase yourself,” she said. Her tone was neither

cold nor warm. She showed no intention of accepting the flowers.

Ever since Katelyn found out about Feiman’s illegitimate child, she had been giving him the cold

shoulder. Despite his numerous attempts to mend their relationship, nothing seemed to work.

Katelyn neither cried nor yelled. She simply ignored Feiman, treating him as if he didn’t exist. This was

far more torturous for him.

Feiman seemed to have grown accustomed to the cold treatment. A hint of disappointment flashed

across his face before he sat down to eat.

Grannie Anita glanced at Feiman and muttered, “Hopeless.”

Feiman said nothing to defend himself.

Caught in the middle of their parents’ dispute, the younger generations found it hard to intervene.

Herman remained silent, focusing on serving Anastasia the best parts of the meal.

After dinner, Feiman tried to charm Katelyn with various methods.

Herman and Anastasia sat in the living room, watching TV. Herman peeled an apple for Anastasia,

cutting it into heart-shaped pieces.

Anastasia couldn’t help but smile as she took the apple pieces. Flynn teased, “Are you trying to feed us

lovey-dovey vibes? I just had dinner, and I can’t eat anymore!”

Herman retorted, “Go away, single man.”

Grannie Anita, watching from the background, felt a pang of sympathy seeing her beloved grandson

catering to Anastasia. She put on a smile and approached Anastasia. “Anastasia, it’s getting late. Why

don’t you stay the night?”

Grannie Anita wasn’t genuinely concerned about Anastasia’s pregnancy. It was all an act to lower

Herman and Anastasia’s guards. Over the past few months, Grannie Anita had been busy. She had

hired a private investigator and found evidence of Anastasia’s infidelity. She was convinced that the

child in Anastasia’s belly was not Herman’s.

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