The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart

Chapter 846

Chapter 846

Chapter 846

Brittany managed a wry smile, “How have you been holding up lately?”

“Just peachy.”

Brittany had met Charles under serendipitous circumstances. He seemed like a free spirit, but

underneath that facade was a highly competent man with an extensive network of information at his

fingertips. Her trip to Craneville was spurred by a desire to delve deeper into the research institute’s


“How’s the investigation going?” she asked.

“Hang tight,” he replied before standing up to leave.

Upon his return, Charles slid a stack of papers across the table towards her. “Based on what I’ve found

so far, the family bankrolling the institute from the shadows is likely the Salters.”

“The Salter family?”

“Yes,” Charles nodded. “Pete Salter had a keen interest in these matters, but he’s been gone for years,

and there’s nothing left to uncover.”

The documents echoed Charles’s words.

Brittany hadn’t expected the Salter family to be entangled in this affair.

“There’s something else,” Charles said with a sly grin. “I discovered that your mother, Ms) Russell, had

visited Craneville before.”

“My mother?”novelbin


He nodded solemnly, “And it just so happens that Pete Salter was in town at the same time as Ms.


“My mom had no known ties to the Salter family before she passed.”

Indeed, Julie Russell-Dustin was once a socialite of Imperial City, but her connection to the Salters

seemed coincidental at best.

Charles suspected there was more to it, but without evidence, he kept his theories to himself.

Before leaving, he turned to Brittany, “The man with you today, is he your boyfriend?”

“No, he’s a senior executive I’ve hired to help run the company,” Brittany clarified, noting the

misunderstanding. “My fiancé is still back home.”

A trace of light flickered in Charles’s eyes before he spoke again, “Alright, I’ll be heading to

Imperial City soon. We’ll catch up there.”

Back at her hotel, Brittany shed her defenses and the day’s dust, falling into a deep, restful sleep.

The following day, Brittany and Landon got down to business.

The other party was eager and genuine.

A preliminary agreement was reached after nearly two days of hammering out the details. On

Thursday, the contract was signed.

That evening, Brittany invited everyone to unwind at a bar, and Landon joined them. By some stroke of

fate, the chosen bar was owned by Charles.

The pounding beats and applause filled the air as they entered.

Center stage, behind the instruments, stood a young man.

His white shirt was unbuttoned enough to reveal a chiseled chest; his wet hair clung to his scalp,

accentuating his handsome features.

He was pale, lean, and exuded a sense of power.

As he played, the atmosphere churned with excitement, culminating in him shedding his shirt and

moving rhythmically with the music.

The crowd was electrified.

Brittany felt a tightening in her chest.

Charles was, as always… quite the showman.

After his performance, Charles stepped down and greeted Brittany.

Landon was surprised; he hadn’t expected Charles, who he thought was just a pretty face, to be so


Accustomed to these surroundings, Charles caught Landon’s astonished look and a shadow crossed

his eyes.

Charles joined Brittany for a couple of drinks before excusing himself to the restroom.

Landon, feigning discomfort, hastily exited.

Brittany thought nothing of it.

But that night, neither Landon nor Charles appeared again.

The next day at the airport, Landon was his usual composed self.

Just before boarding, Brittany received a message from Charles.

[It’s confirmed. The Salter family was behind the institute’s funding. And Grace is aware of it.]

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