The Almighty Lord Caspian by Cath Nitfisch

Chapter 520

Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Renegade

Nicholas and Richard seemed to have guessed Kenzie’s identity from what he said.

They figured that he was probably a spy who infiltrated Diatoran, making both of them nervous

It was a sensitive period. Their conversation with the enemy’s spies would inevitably arouse suspicion.

If the nation were to find out about this, they would be dead.

They could not afford to be labeled as traitors.

If they were to be caught red-handed, they would be decapitated. Even those with prominent

backgrounds would not be able to escape.

“Don’t worry, the enemy of my enemy is a friend. Look, we’re friends


“After all, our common enemy is Caspian. We’ll get rid of Caspian together. I wonder if the two of you

are interested in joining me?” Kenzie said as he put on his sunglasses and mask again.

“What are you doing here? You’re a Vadesian. We’re about to have a war. You think we’ll join hands

with you? That would be treason,” Richard said urgently.

“He’s right. You’d better hurry and leave. Don’t let others know that we’ve met. It’s just too bad you’re a

Vadesian. It’s true that we have a grudge against Caspian, but we’ll never betray our country. Our only

target is Caspian.

“We’ll never be friends with you,” Nicholas said.

They might loathe Caspian, but they would never do something to

betray their own country.



To be charged with treason was something they could not afford. After all, it was a crime punishable by


“My fellow gentlemen, you do know that joining hands with me is your only chance at getting back at

Caspian, right? Otherwise, you’ll have to live in his shadows forever. Do you want a life like that?

“As long as you work together with me, I promise you that you can get. rid of him and pay him back for

all that he has done. On behalf of Vadesia, I promise that as long as you join hands with us, we’ll spare

your family.

“In addition, we’ll make your family the most prominent family in Southlake City!” Kenzie said.

Richard and Nicholas were tempted.

“Can Vadesia really guarantee our safety and help us become the most powerful family in Southlake

City?” Richard asked.

“We’ve already reached a consensus with Astronia. Together with Filren, we’ll be attacking Diatoran

from all directions. You won’t be able to defend yourselves against our attacks.

“It won’t take long for Diatoran to be taken down. When that happens, Vadesia will have already

occupied the entire nation completely! If you work with me now and help us defeat Diatoran, our

country will remunerate you generously.

“We’ll also ensure that your family has a firm foothold in Southlake City. We’ll give you whatever

resources you need.” Kenzie grinned. novelbin

Richard and Nicholas had completely bought into it. The conditions he offered were too tempting.

“Are you sure that we’ll lose? I’m telling you, Diatoran is very powerful!

Richard asked again.


“The armies of Vadesia and Astronia will be passing through Necros soon. This means that they’ll

reach the coastline of Southlake City, where your country’s maritime troops have already retreated.

“Filren has also started an intense battle with your nation in West Aridlands, in which I heard that Filren

is actually having the upper hand.

“Any reasonable man will be able to tell from the current situation that Diatoran will never be able to win

against us, no matter how powerful you are.

“I heard that Estrya is also waiting for an opportunity to strike. With four nations attacking Diatoran,

your nation doesn’t stand a chance at all!” Kenzie emphasized.

Nicholas and Richard exchanged glances. They were convinced by Kenzie’s claims because Diatoran

was indeed in a precarious


“The reason a loser like Caspian could become the chief commander

is because Diatoran is in complete chaos. There’s no one compete enough to step forward and

command the battle. I’m sure you k

better the kind of person he is.

“Do you think that he’ll be able to lead Diatoran to victory?” Kenz


Actually, Kenzie knew about Caspian being the Diatoran God of War and how powerful he was.

However, he did not reveal it because he wanted to give Nicholas and Richard some false hope so that


would become his moles.

“I think you’re right! I can’t understand how a loser like Caspian could become a five-star general. It’s a

rank higher than John’s!” Richard exclaimed, baffled.


“He happened to save your king back when he was in the military. The King was happy and gave him a

rank in the military!” Kenzie said.

“So that’s what happened! I can’t believe he actually saved the King before. That explains why a loser

like him could cop such a high rank! It all makes sense now,” Richard said as he nodded a few times.

“That’s right. It’s all because he saved your king that he could have the position he has today. He

actually can’t do shit.

“He’s a loser through and through. The King of Diatoran couldn’t even publicly award him the rank for

fear of causing public outrage,” Kenzie said. He tried his best to demean Caspian.

Richard and Nicholas no longer had any doubts after hearing Kenzie’s words. They finally understood

why they never heard about Caspian’s promotion.

“The King has been blinded! All Caspian did was save him. How could he award him with such a high

military rank? How could someone like him become the chief commander?” Richard spat.

“Yeah! To have Caspian be the chief commander is giving the country a death sentence,” Nicholas

chimed in.

“Caspian’s the worst. What he’s doing is jeopardizing the co might as well resign!” Richard said.

Kenzie noticed that the two were already wavering and quickly Southlake City will be the first stop of

our attack. When the time comes, we’ll use the shortest time possible to occupy Southlake C Once we

succeed, the first thing we’ll do is start a massacre.

“We’ll destroy anyone who disobeys us!”

The two men were startled to hear this.

“Gentlemen, I believe that you’re wise men. Now’s the time for you to


willing to switch swach sides, your family will definitely get to enjoy y of luxury young wou never would

have imagined before. However, ifif 1 willing to workctwork with us, you and your families will definitely

when we take ovens over Southlake City,” Kenzie threatened.

id to strike when thehenthe iron was hot.

; inevitable, wenigerswot as well make the wise choice now and

ether with vadesia, Renard Richard said, taking the lead in

ig his viewpoint. point,

il, then. We’ll work with yo with you, but I hope that you can keep nise. After occupyiner

Southassuthlake City, you have to make our

become the elites of Soulchakouthlake City Nicholas said.

nother request. I hope that you ta you can destroy Caspian! he


ed! As long as you work with us when we’re willing to comply with ests. It’s inconvenient for us to

discus discuss here. Let’s find a have a good chai, shall we?” Kenzie Bacze said with a grin.

nd Nicholas followed Kenzie. Menzie








te, Caspian and his men had already arrives arrived at the coas ake City.

mmander, the enemy’s advance troops have appave appeared.

e-Diatoran God of War. it’s better for you to leave chiave this place.

tangerous here!” Desmond advised.ed

Gatoran God of War, I must lead by example. Don’t wooncorry, nos sum Wrense. What’s the situation

now?” Caspian asked asked.


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