The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 5910

Chapter 5910

"How about it? Are you scared to gamble?" James began to use provocation.

"You’re really audacious!" Perthacus pointed at James.

"This is not a small wager, and your ambition is not small either.

What are you going to use to fulfill the bet if you lose?” "My life?" James scoffed, saying, "Is my life novelbin

acceptable?" "Piss off!" Perthacus pushed James away impatiently.

"Who wants your life? Let's talk about something practical." James rubbed his chin and thought


This was a rare opportunity.

Although Mount Mart i al is was currently the weakest among the seven peaks of the Timaeus Sect,

and could not compare to the top six, it was still a vassal of the Timaeus Sect.

If he could really control Mount Martialis and become its Peak Master, then going to Mount One would

be legitimate in the future, and it greatly increased his chances of meeting Thea.

At the same time, using the identity of the Mount Martialis' Peak Master, he could rely on the Timaeus

Sect and possess the capital and possibility of stirring up internal strife within the Righteous Alliance.

Once there was internal chaos within the alliance, their plots and blockades against the Dark Genesis

World would loosen and even disintegrate.

By then, opening a secret passage from the Dark Genesis World to the Three Thousand Great Genesis

Worlds would become feasible, allowing the living beings of the Dark Genesis World to reach higher

levels of cultivation base and access abundant cultivation resources.

For these two purposes, he had to come up with a bet that Perthacus could not refuse.

Thinking of this, James' eyes turned, and he looked at Perthacus.

"Mr. Wulte, have you heard of the Marciais Combat Form?" At these words, Perthacus was surprised.


you want to use that as a bet?” "Yep!" James nodded with a smile.

"I'll use the Marcials Combat Form as the bet, and will even throw in teaching you how to master it."

Perthacus took a sharp breath, and his gaze towards James became intense.

The Marciais Combat Form was a legendary supreme realm.

This realm was even older than the Genesis cultivation.

It was more powerful and could be considered as the origin of all cultivations.

Once the Marciais Combat Form was cultivated, one could engage in cross -realm battles even only

peeking at its gate.

The higher the form, the higher the realm one could fight across.

This most ancient Supernatural Supremusse Power and mysterious power were the dream divine

objects of all cultivators in Genesis.

Even the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank's Ninth Tribulation in the Timaeus Sect, who could cultivate the

Marcials Combat Form, were few.

However, this living being dared to use it as a bet.

This was truly squandering a treasure.

Thinking of this, Perthacus sighed lightly.

"Forty-nine, I've to remind you, the Marcials Combat Form is a power even more ancient and powerful

than Genesis cultivation.

It’s an unparalleled Supernatural Power that one can encounter but not seek." He then looked at


"When someone obtains such a treasure, they’d wish to hide it away and not let anyone know.

Yet, you actually want to use it as a bet?" "Mr. Wulte, being able to say such words shows your

honesty." James smiled at Perthacus.

"This only confirms that my bet is correct.

I won't change it.

Shall we sign a soul contract?" Perthacus stood up with his heart pounding.

"Are you sure?" James did not waste words.

With a single wave of his hand, a soul contract forged with Zen floated in the air.

It emitted a purple-golden light and displayed their bet and conditions.

It was infused into James' Zen.

A soul contract was the highest form of trust between cultivators.

Once it took effect, any violation would be punished by a mysterious force sealing the soul.

It was a price beyond what living beings could endure.

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