Scars Of A Broken Bond by Calv Momose

Chatper 1377

Chatper 1377

After obtaining insights from questioning Glenn, the sergeant formed a general impression of Baxter’s

character. He speculated that if the police didn’t press too hard, Baxter would probably dispose of

anyone in his way before attempting to flee.

Confident in his assessment, the sergeant consulted his superiors for further instructions and made the

necessary arrangements to set plans in motion. The Mathias police continued their pursuit, maintaining

a strategic distance. Following Baxter’s escape route, they could approximate his location and

coordinate with local authorities to tighten the net.

The police units strategically awaited the hostage’s sale. Once the transaction occurred, they would

initiate the pursuit to rescue them, maintaining vigilant surveillance of the area. When Baxter showed

up, law enforcement swiftly moved in to apprehend him.

The superiors placed great importance on combating human traffickers. novelbin

They weren’t about to let a critical criminal like Baxter get away from them after they finally identified

him and had a good lead.

In the end, Baxter couldn’t escape, and the special police units captured him.

Following the interrogation, Baxter admitted his involvement in numerous human trafficking cases,

including the one with Sabrina.

The sergeant wasn’t aware that Zeke was involved until he heard the full confession from Baxter.

Baxter, being cautious, had sensed Zeke’s evasion from law enforcement when they first met. Back

then, with a smile, Baxter quipped, “After this, do you plan to keep hiding here or seize an opportunity

to escape?”

The police were after Baxter and Zeke. So, Zeke, without expressing suspicion toward Baxter, replied,

“I should find an opportunity to escape.” But he didn’t shed any more information.

During their meeting, Zeke took a call.

Given Baxter’s extensive travels, he discerned the caller’s origin was from Gelicyla through the

distinctive accent from the other side of the Line.

The sergeant immediately contacted the Gelicyla police, initiating a collaborative investigation.

It was already 5 p.m. by the time Tyrone and Sabrina returned to Mathias. After completing the victim’s

statement at the police station, Sabrina was taken home by Tyrone.

Bettie still hadn’t returned. She was away on a business trip with a celebrity these past few days,

completely unaware of Sabrina’s recent kidnapping.

Tyrone removed his suit jacket and headed straight to the kitchen.

After opening the fridge and finding nothing enticing, he inquired, “What would you Like to eat? I’m

going out to buy some food.”

Sabrina bit her Lip nervously and hesitated before suggesting.

“How about ordering take-out?”

She didn’t want Tyrone to go out and leave her alone at home.

Tyrone observed her anxious expression.

“I’ll order some ingredients and have them delivered here.”

“Then, would you like some soup?”


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