My Wife is a Hacker by Summer

Chapter 3037

Chapter 3037

Chapter 3037

Having ordered, Lulu and Nicole settled at their table, anticipating their meals.

"Is Ellar okay now?" Lulu asked, finally getting the chance to check in after a busy morning.

"He should be fine," Nicole assured.

Lulu looked a bit surprised. "Should be?'

Nicole shrugged. "Well, whether there's an issue or not, it's up to him." "So it's not sorted out yet," Lulu

sighed, understanding the situation.

Nicole smiled, reassuring Lulu, "Don't worry. When the time comes, things will fall into place." "Okay,"

Lulu nodded, acknowledging there wasn't much else they could do. She sensed that Ellar and Patricia

had been through a lot, yet she wondered when they would fully embrace each other's feelings.

Changing the subject, Lulu added, "Oh, by the way, Patricia mentioned this morning that the shipment

has been sent out. It should arrive in a few days.

"Yeah, that's probably why she left the office," Nicole nodded.

"Oh, got it," Lulu said, understanding. Patricia seemed pretty focused when she left earlier.

As they talked, their lunch arrived, and they carried on chatting while eating.

"Do you think we can handle things smoothly this time?" Lulu asked Nicole.

"I can only say we'll give it our best shot," Nicole sighed. Dealing with Everett was proving more

complicated than before.

"I'm worried Everett might keep causing trouble," Lulu frowned, uncertain of what mischief Everett had

in mind.

"He'll sabotage US again for sure. But what worries me more is that there might be something more

behind these actions," Nicole mused. Everett's return and his focus on these minor disruptions seemed

oddly suspicious.

"Are you suggesting he's trying to divert our attention?" Lulu quickly caught onto Nicole's point.

Nicole nodded, narrowing her eyes slightly. "It's possible."

Despite having ample time to deal with the situation, Nicole doubted that Everett had the luxury of time.

If the Eastern Falcon sent him back to San Joto, it couldn't be merely to establish a company and grow

it slowly.

There had to be a more immediate agenda. novelbin

Lulu, puzzled, furrowed her brow and murmured, "Then what does he want to do?" "He won't be up to

any good," Patricia's voice came from nearby. Lulu looked up at her.

"Have you had lunch?" Lulu asked Patricia.

"Not yet. I knew you and Ms. Riddle were here, so I came over," Patricia replied.

"Waiter, please take our orders,” Lulu called a waiter and ordered a meal for Patricia.

Once seated, Patricia updated Nicole, "Ms. Riddle, the preparations at the port are all set. We're just

waiting for the first batch of raw materials to arrive in three days." "Good," Nicole said, pleased with

Patricia’s efficiency.

"Your speed is impressive. Once the first batch arrives, the others should follow smoothly. No need to

stress about the project anymore," Lulu added, sharing positive vibes.

Patricia replied seriously, "I'll keep a close watch in the coming days. We can't afford any problems with

these batches; it would mess up the project timeline." "Okay, you've put in good work this morning.

Let's grab a bite," Lulu suggested as lunch arrived.

After the meal, they left the restaurant and made their way back to the office. On the way, Nicole and

Patricia exchanged a glance, both sensing someone watching them.

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