My Substitute CEO Bride

Chapter 715

Chapter 715

Chapter 715

“You want to target Nash’s people? Then you’ll need to provide me with their hair and blood,” Peter

declared confidently, stroking his beard.

Duncan smirked. “That’s not a problem. I’ll have it done right away.” He immediately took out his phone

and dialed a number.

The Swordsman scoffed. “Is all this trouble necessary? Once I kill Nash, his people will be at our mercy


Boris chuckled. “Well, we might as well kill time while we’re at it.”

The Swordsman took a sip of his wine, then popped a piece of beef into his mouth. He chewed on it

thoughtfully. “Boris, I cut off one of Dylan’s hands.

“Based on the bureau’s protective measures, their Great Elder and Second Elder should have come to

Jonford. Why haven’t they made a move yet?”

Boris shrugged. “Maybe they’re afraid of you.”

After giving his subordinates instructions on what to do, Duncan spoke up, “Nash was taken away by

the National Martial Bureau a few days ago but was later rescued by someone from the Northern


“I’m guessing the bureau won’t interfere in this matter. Maybe they’re even hoping we’ll take care of

Nash for them!”

The Swordsman grinned. “Excellent!”

Boris laughed heartily. “Nash is just some kid. Let’s drink!”

The four of them raised their wine glasses and toasted. They continued drinking until the break of dawn

until the first light of day appeared in the eastern sky.

Downstairs, a few gunshots rang out. Peter smirked. “That damned beggar is here again!”

The Swordsman immediately grabbed the large blade beside him, preparing for a showdown with the

unkempt beggar. Peter spoke up,” My brother, calm down. The gravity array can only limit him, it can’t

control him. It’ll be tough for us to keep him if he wants to leave.”

The Swordsman sat back in his chair, his expression contorting with displeasure. “How insufferable. If

we don’t find a way to deal with him, he might think we’re easy to bully!”

Peter shook his head with a wry smile. “Speed is crucial when it comes to martial arts. His speed has

surpassed the limit of martia artists. It’s challenging to deal with him!”

The Swordsman and Boris remained silent. Duncan rubbed his chin as he pondered. “What if you both

increase your speed? Would that be enough to deal with the scoundrel?”

Boris chuckled. “That guy practices a speed technique that’s at least at the earth-tier level. In the entire

Black Wind Mountains, only the Black Wind Double Kill possesses earth-tier techniques.”

Duncan turned to Peter. “What I mean to ask is whether you have any auxiliary Path techniques that

can be used to enhance speed, Master Peter?”

Peter’s eyes lit up. “There is a kind of talisman, the Jetstar Talisman, which can increase a martial

artist’s speed by five times!”

Duncan smirked, picked up the wine glass on the table, and took a sip. The Swordsman and Boris both

revealed thought-provoking smiles.

The unkempt old man returned to Royal Bay and arrived at the residence of Bladesman Divus. There

were two bodyguards outside, and inside, a maid was cleaning the place. Divus was sitting at the novelbin

dining table eating breakfast.

The two bodyguards were about to stop the old man when he disappeared. When they turned around,

the unkempt old man was already sitting at the dining table. Just as the two were about to go over,

Divus waved his hand to signal them to step back.

The unkempt old man reached his dark hand out and grabbed a buttered bun. Taking a bite, he

mumbled, “How troublesome…”

Divus looked at the unkempt old man and asked, “Are you referring to The Swordsman and Boris?”

The unkempt old man sneered. “I’m not paying much attention to those two. It’s that Golden Robe

Heavenly Master who’s the troublesome one!” He then recounted his encounter at the Duerson family’s


There was still one bun left on the plate. Divus reached out to pick it up, but the unkempt old man

preemptively grabbed it with a look of frustration. “You enjoy a life of comfort here every day while I

sleep on the streets outside. It’s unfair!”

Divus elegantly set down his cutlery and instead took a sip of milk.

Smiling faintly, he said, “If you don’t mind, you can move in and live with me.”

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