My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict!

Chapter 4361

Chapter 4361

Chapter 4361 Will You Reject?

“There’s no need for that, I know exactly who I am,” Calvert said, handing the business card back to Harley. “I appreciate Miss Hart’s kindness, but I don’t need charity!”

Calvert didn’t want to appear even more

pitiful in front of Harley!

“Charity?” Harley was taken aback.


Calvert, however, turned around and left.

Harley quickly caught up and grabbed the other person’s hand, “Explain yourself, what do you mean by charity?”

Chapter 4361 Will You Reject?

Calvert paused, his gaze falling on the hand Harley used to grab him.


“So, you’re giving me this job opportunity out of pity, is that it? Regardless of whether I’m capable of doing the job, they’ll hire me just because I show

1. up.

Then I can earn a decent income and

improve my life. And for you, this is just a simple thing you can do. I know I should be grateful, thank you for your sympathy and for this favor, but I…”

Calvert’s voice was getting softer and softer, the remaining words seemed to be stuck in his throat. Every word he uttered felt like he was slowly laying out his embarra*sment in front of her.

“I don’t want to accept this kind of charity… Even if it’s the kindness of a

Chapter 4361 Will You Reject?


wealthy person like you, but… but I’m physically healthy, I can support myself…” Calvert lowered his head, it took almost all his strength to say these words.

Calvert didn’t want to always feel inferior in front of Harley. He didn’t want to be the one pitied by her, the one she felt she had to take care of.

That made him feel like he was nothing more than a beggar!

“Of course, you can support yourself. I didn’t introduce this job to you out of charity. I just wanted to give you an opportunity. Whether you can seize it and improve your life depends on your abilities,” Harley’s voice rose. “I specifically told them, if you’re not suitable, they shouldn’t hire you. After all,


Chapter 4361 Will You Reject?


a job obtained through connections won’t last long.”

Calvert was stunned.

“Also, I do feel some sympathy for you, but it’s not exactly pity. I’m offering you this job because I think you’re really beautiful and you might have potential in this field. Of course, if you don’t want to accept it, you can refuse right now. Do you want to refuse?” Harley asked.

Calvert’s b*dy stiffened a bit, his wrist, held by Harley, becoming unbearably hot.

Did he turn down the opportunity she

offered him?

He was going to refuse anyway, wasn’t he? Because he didn’t want to appear like a novelbin

Chapter 4361 Will You Reject?

pitiful creature.

But when he heard what she said, he hesitated.

“Are you going to refuse?” Harley’s voice echoed once again.


Calvert lifted his head, staring blankly at the person in front of him.

Harley’s beautiful face was intently watching him at that moment. Her gaze never held the arrogance often seen in the wealthy. Instead, it was just an ordinary look.

It was like Harley was just treating him as an equal.

“Do you really think I’m cut out for this

Chapter 4361 Will You Reject? job?” he asked awkwardly.


“If we’re just talking about your looks, you definitely have what it takes. You must know that you have a face that’s easy to fall for,” Harley said. “But being a model isn’t just about having a pretty face. Whether you get this job or not also depends on your skills. So, what’s your

answer now?”

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