Mr. Nelson Winning His Ex-wife's Heart

Chapter 990

Chapter 990

As for these young people of Chelsea’s generation, except Emilia, a screenwriter, and one of her

cousins who worked in the fashion industry, everyone else was important figures in either the political

or the business circle.

Winston also came to the banquet. Edmund was upset to see him. Roy explained with a smile, “Before

I knew that Chelsea is my daughter

I’ve always treated Winston as my son. You can treat him as Chelsea’s brother.”

Edmund smiled, but he was deeply against it from the inside. No one would want an once love rival to

be their brother-in-law.

After drinking for a while, Edmund went to the bathroom and was stopped by Winston.

Angela’s Library

“Mr. Nelson!”

Edmund said quietly, “Brother-in-Law, what’s up Winston was several years younger than Edmund.

Since Roy asked him to treat him as Chelsea’s brother, it is appropriate for him to call Winston’s


Winston lifted his eyebrow and said, “Mr. Nelson, you have been accepted by the Ellis family. Why do

you have to be mean to me?”

Edmund snorted, “Because you want something that doesn’t belong to you.”

Winston said helplessly, “I just want you to know that I have given up pursuing Chelsea. I’ll treat her as

my sister in the future. So, don’t worry, Mr. Nelson…”

Winston wanted to make things clear. Since Edmund and Chelsea were finally together, they would be

family from then on

Edmund glanced at Winston. Seeing the honesty and frankness in Winston’s eyes, Edmund’s anxiety

eased a little

As long as Winston gave up on Chelsea, Edmund wouldn’t mind getting alone with him.

Seeing Edmund relieved, Winston smiled and said, “Of course, if you bully her in the future, Mr. Nelson,

don’t blame me for being rude.”

Edmund immediately replied in disdain, “Don’t worry, you’ll never have the chance.”

With that, he went to the bathroom.

Edmund made his proposal at the end of the banquet. He stood up holding Chelsea’s hand.

Chelsea looked at him in confusion. She had no idea what was going on. Edmund glanced at all the

guests present solemnly, clenched Chelsea’s hand, and said, “Guys, I wish you all to be my witness


The room immediately quieted down. Everyone, old and young, looked toward Edmund and Chelsea.

Edmund turned to Chelsea. His deep eyes were full of affection.

“What are you…” Chelsea was more and more puzzled.

The cousin sitting next to her seemed to understand something for she covered her mouth and


Chelsea was more and more confused. She saw Edmund pull open his chair and take a step back.

Then he took out an exquisite box from his pocket and knelt on one knee in front of her.

Chelsea finally understood what Edmund was going to do. She instinctively stepped back in a panic. novelbin

She was not ready to be proposed at all. It was too sudden.

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