Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Chapter 2000

Chapter 2000

Chapter 2000

Keegan's Adam's apple bobbed as he approached Stella. He reached down to take her phone away

gently, "Stop looking at this. Let's go home."

Stella looked up at him, her eyes red and swollen. She pleaded, " Give it to me."

He pursed his lips before saying, "Let's go home first."

Her voice was hoarse with emotion, she said, "Give it to me."

Instead of handing over the phone, Keegan pocketed it. As Stella stood up to retrieve it, he enveloped

her in his arms, his voice soft yet firm, "Don't look anymore. Whatever you want to know, I'll tell you."

Stella clung to his shirt, the image of his bloody figure in a hospital bed haunting her. "How much did

you suffer?" she asked, her voice breaking. She trembled in his embrace, tears streaming down her

cheeks, "You're even scared of injections, yet you had to endure thirteen stitches without anesthesia.

Didn't it hurt?"

The videos on Jaylene's phone had shaken Stella deeply as they revealed Keegan's vulnerability and

pain. She had documented those moments not out of concern but for her own gain. The videos also

clearly recorded his injuries. novelbin

When he was rescued, he was already delirious. The prolonged exposure to cold water had caused a

severe upper respiratory infection. The doctors were worried that anesthesia might aggravate his

airway reactions, which could lead to spasms. So, they decided not to use any.

At that time, Keegan was so out of it that he did not remember whether it had hurt. After the surgery,

they put him on a pain pump, which they instructed Jaylene to press when he was in pain. If not, they

told her only to use it sparingly. He did cry out, but not from pain; he kept calling Stella's name. Jaylene,

who hated that he was calling for Stella, kept pressing the pump. So, for more than a week after the

surgery, he was almost never lucid.

When Stella pressed for the truth, Keegan reassured her, "It didn't hurt, and I'm not afraid of injections."

But Stella, inconsolable, did not believe him. She said, "I've seen you with injections. You were

terrified!! How could you bear it without anesthesia?"

Keegan was silent for a moment and then patiently explained to the frightened Stella, "I'm not afraid of

injections, and it really didn't hurt."

But Stella was convinced he was lying so she would not be worried. No matter how he explained, she

did not believe him. She kept on asking if it had hurt.

Keegan sighed, realizing her distress, "It hurt a lot. And now, standing here, the pain is returning. Let’s

go home and talk. My wound hurts."

Once momentarily taken aback, Stella pushed him away, "The scab has fallen off, and your wound still

hurts? Are you playing with me?


Keegan was left wondering, 'Where did her compassion go? Is her empathy fleeting?'

Taking her phone back, Stella suggested they continue the conversation at home, "I also want to hear

about how my husband, who supposedly lost his memory, suddenly regained it."

Keegan stayed silent. He thought, 'Wasn't she just feeling sorry for me a minute ago? why is she

bringing up past issues now? Do pregnant women's moods really flip this fast?'

Stella returned home alongside Keegan with a heavy heart. As soon as they arrived, before she could

speak, Keegan said, "Stella, let me take a shower first. I feel a bit cold."

Stella, biting back her words, replied softly, "Hurry up, then."

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