Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Chapter 708

Chapter 708

Chapter 708

Now when Charlie’s leg was well, she just wanted to go back to the Calsis family. And seeing that Charlie changed his attitude toward her a little bit, she used that to make trouble with Theresa as if she were Charlie’s wife. novelbin

Seeing her, Theresa said, “Isn’t that ‘Mrs. Calsis”?”

Sarah, who was so shameless, didn’t think Theresa was being sarcastic.

She said arrogantly, “Charlie wasn’t available, so I came to pick up the two kids for him.”

Theresa was stunned and then looked to Sarah, “Is it really Charlie who asked you to come?”

“This is his lawyer and these people are all from the Calsis family. So, what do you think?” Sarah looked at Theresa arrogantly, “Letting you take the kids away last time at the hospital doesn’t mean they’re yours! You hurry up and hand them over!”

Looking at Sarah like this, Theresa just felt ridiculous, “Do you think you can take away the kids whom Charlie can’t by himself?”

Sarah laughed coldly, “I’m not like Charlie, who is soft on you for old times’ sake. But I won’t! If hand over the kids to me today, I’ll call the police! By then, you have to go to jail!”

“…” Hearing this, Theresa sat down.

The lawyer on the other side also spoke up and told Theresa that the abduction of children was some

kind of crime and that she was going to jail or something.

It seemed that they must take the kids away.

Theresa picked up her phone and dialed Charlie’s number.

Sarah said, “What are you doing?”

Theresa said, “Since you said it was Charlie who told you to come, I’ll call him and ask him to make sure you’re not lying.”

Seeing Theresa call Charlie, Sarah couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

“Yes, I did come by myself.”

‘Because I think Charlie wants to take the kids back too.’

‘Last time at the hospital, Charlie let them go just because he didn’t want to make Old Mr. Calsis angry’

‘If I can get these two children back to the Calsis family, it will do Charlie a great favor, and he will certainly be grateful to me.’

The Calsis family has three sons. Pat’s last name is Nandlall, whose wife has passed away long ago, and Chandler is not married.’

‘So, if I marry Charlie, I will certainly be the mistress of the Calsis family.”

‘I need to do something now to make Charlie think I’m the one who can take on the responsibility.”

‘I’m not like Theresa, who can only stay at home with the kids all day!’

So, while Theresa was about to call Charlie, Sarah wasn’t in a hurry to stop her.

Soon, Charlie’s call was answered, “Hello.”

Charlie was a little surprised when he received this call. He hadn’t been to Theresa in the past two days, because he was busy with Chandler, either going to pay respect to the ancestors or to express New

Year’s greetings.

In addition, he was not in a good mood and did not want to see her.

But he did not expect Theresa to call him.

He was full of resentment toward Theresa but just couldn’t restrain himself from wanting to know what Theresa was calling for.

Hearing his voice, Theresa asked directly, “Did you ask Sarah to come to my house to pick up the kids?”

When he heard Sarah’s name, Charlie paused. Of course, he didn’t!

If he wanted to pick up the children, he would go get them himself.

What’s more, he wasn’t worried about not getting his kids back. Theresa was able to use the children’s fondness for her to keep them with her for the time being, but he was the kids’ father. If he called the police, the children would be taken back.

In the past two days, he also reflected on it, and he thought he did go too far that day in the hospital. Even if he didn’t care about the damage to Theresa, he was afraid of irreparable damage to the two children.

That’s why he didn’t bring the two kids back in a forceful way in the past two days.

However, at this moment, hearing Theresa’s words and remembering her relationship with Dick, Charlie didn’t deny it, but just said, “What’s wrong? Do you think you are justified in keeping the children with you?”

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