Love At The Wrong Table

Chapter 1255 True Intentions

Chapter 1255 True Intentions 

Naturally, Belinda had never considered such a thing. It was all thanks to Lexi. She spent a small

amount of money to bribe the gossipmongers around Belinda, constantly whispering in her ear and novelbin

fueling her insatiable greed!

Now, Belinda’s true nature was exposed. Her greed was completely revealed in front of Alessandra!

As expected, Alessandra was seething with anger.

She acknowledged that her family was financially well-off now, and her daughter-in-law was very skilled

at making money, but no one’s money came out of thin air! She had no reason to ask her daughter-in-

law for money to fund Ryder’s wedding. It was unreasonable!

“Ruby, what’s the plan now?”

Even if Ryder was foolish, he couldn’t possibly continue to ask Emmanuel’s family for money to get

married. It wasn’t about the amount of money; it was about not being able to swallow his pride!

He wanted Ruby to give a clear answer on whether she would marry him or not!

“Ryder, you’ve already given her 70,000. If you truly love her, why not give another 140,000?”

Ruby was inside applying makeup as she responded, “What my mom said is right! You’re disabled, and

I’m willing to marry you. Are you really not willing to spend another 140,000? Our love is not equal!”

In fact, she hadn’t even put on her wedding dress yet. She had never thought about actually getting

married. She just wanted to get more money first.

If the price wasn’t satisfactory, she wouldn’t get married then!

Ryder didn’t know how to respond for a moment. After all, Ruby did have a point!

“Ryder, after I marry you, my parents will be your parents. Giving them money is a way to show filial

piety, isn’t it? If you’re not filial to my parents, why should I marry you then? Right?!” Ruby continued.

Ryder, who was straightforward and not very articulate, was now completely at a loss for words. He

turned to look at Emmanuel for help.

Emmanuel already had a frustrated expression on his face!

Frederick had already experienced the formidable nature of the Zimmerman family’s matriarch. Upon

seeing Emmanuel’s expression now and remembering what Milani had said to him in the hospital, he

cursed on the spot. *D*mm you! So, you only consider your parents as family, and you never planned

to treat Ryder as a human being. right? How much can he earn in a month? You’re draining him of his

money, and you’re not planning to live with him in the future.

As Emmanuel’s best friend, he said exactly what Emmanuel wanted to say.

Who would have thought that Ruby’s true intentions would be exposed? She laughed. “I know Ryder

doesn’t have money, but doesn’t he have a good cousin? And the young lady from the Quillen family is

his cousin-in-law. This mere 140,000 is probably nothing to them, right!”

She was self-righteous and confident!

Her true intentions had been completely revealed!

Alessandra was infuriated by her. Ruby wasn’t like this before. How did she become like this today?

Even if her daughter-in-law was wealthy, it was her daughter-in-law’s money. How could she keep

fixating on her daughter-in-law’s money?

She knew that if she dared to do this, she would definitely be scolded!

Emmanuel didn’t know what to say either. After all, this was his cousin’s marriage. He was afraid that if

he forced

Ryder not to marry Ruby, he would hold a grudge in the future. So, he patted Ryder’s shoulder and

said, “Ryder, you make the decision!”

“Ruby, listen to me!’

At this moment, Ryder’s eyes were red as he shouted excitedly, “I am disabled! I’m not good enough

for you. You’re right. After marriage, your parents will be my parents, and I will be filial to them! But I

really don’t have money now. Let’s get married first, and when I make money in the future, I’ll be filial to

our parents!”

This was already giving Ruby a lot of respect!

The people around let out a sigh upon hearing this.

For a moment, Roselynn was at a loss for words. Ryder was simply too naive. Why would he continue

with the wedding at this point?

Tia glanced at Ryder’s current condition, and her heart filled with pain.

Tommy didn’t go up to receive the bride. Even though he couldn’t see the pained expression on his

father’s face, he burst into tears upon hearing his father’s words!

Tia hurried over and gently embraced Tommy to console him.

“Ryder, this won’t work. I can’t trust you!”

This time, it wasn’t Ruby who spoke, but Belinda who was still outside. “You’re already in this state.

You’re disabled. Can you still earn 140 thousand? What if you break your promise in the future after I

marry my daughter to you?”

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