I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn

Chatper 540

Chatper 540

Chapter 540 The Mastermind Behind The Scenes

Abigail was engrossed in her work when she received a call from Eric.

“How are you? Are you alright?” She was genuinely concerned about his well-being.

Eric, being a kind-hearted person, never had any ill intentions towards others. So, this kind of harm was

even harder for him to bear.

“My grandmother wants me to marry Lily. Can we meet and talk about it?” he asked in a low, distressed


With a softer voice, she replied, “I’m at the studio.”

After they hung up, she asked her assistant to buy some desserts and snacks.

Eric had to maintain his body fat for filming, so he rarely indulged in good food. Today, she wanted him

to enjoy a satisfying meal.

Eric arrived at L.Moon, dragging his weary body. The sight of Abigail made his eyes turn red. He

choked up, finding it even more difficult to endure.

Having witnessed so much in the entertainment industry, he hoped to stay clean in this circle.

While others compromised for resources due to their lack of background, he didn’t have to. He

considered himself lucky, but at this moment, he felt pitiful.

His luck disappeared when Lily drugged him and recorded the video..

It turned out that he wasn’t lucky; it was just that disaster hadn’t struck yet.

“Eric, no matter what decision you make, I’ll always be your friend. Abigail handed him the desserts she

had bought.

“I’ve known her for over a decade, and I’ve treated her so well, just like a real sister. Why would she do

this to me?” His voice trembled as he spoke. His shoulders shook uncontrollably as he lowered his


Sadly, that’s how the human heart works. Sometimes, the closer the relationship, the easier it is to be

taken advantage of.

“Eat something sweet; it’ll improve your mood,” Abigail suggested.

As Eric looked at the desserts, he smiled bitterly. “I’ve been dieting, working out, and focusing on my

acting, hoping to meet someone exceptional. I never expected to meet someone like Lily.”

After saying that, he picked up the dessert and delicately took a bite with a spoon. Moments later, he

whispered, “It’s so sweet and delicious. I can’t even remember the last time I had dessert.”

At that moment, Abigail was sending a message to Sean on her phone, but Eric’s words made her

pause. She looked at him and asked, “What does your family think about this matter?”

“My parents don’t agree to this marriage. My grandmother and Old Mrs. Pearson are very close, just

like you and Luna. Moreover, Old Mrs. Pearson dotes on Vincent very much. So, we can’t take this

matter to court, and I have to get married.” After indulging in some sweets, he felt much better.

His words made her realize that large families were indeed troublesome. Their relationships were




complicated, and when they faced adversity and someone tried to harm them, they had to consider the

feelings of both families.

Abigail texted Sean about Eric’s situation.

Before long, he replied. Then don’t take it to court for now. Don’t get married, no matter what. Just keep

dragging it out.”

“What if they have some leverage, and it can’t be dragged out?”

This was her biggest concern. Vincent must have something up his sleeve, or else Eric could easily

deny everything.

“Then the Pearson Family will be at a disadvantage. Young people have their pride. If Eric drags it out,

they can only endure. It’s unlikely to reach the point where both families’ relationships completely break

down,” Sean replied.

She found his words reasonable.

“If you have no other option, just drag it out. Don’t sue, and don’t agree to the marriage. Make a fuss all

day. The Pearson Family’s secrets will eventually be uncovered; it’s only a matter of time, she advised


As he looked at her, he asked, “Will you help me investigate?”

“Somebody will because Vincent offended him,” she replied.

Although Abigail didn’t explicitly mention it, he had already guessed some of the truth. He held the

dessert in his hand and hesitated for a moment before asking carefully, “Is Mr. Graham okay?”novelbin

He was a kind person, and even though he was currently suffering harm himself, he was concerned

that something might have happened to Sean, which would upset Abigail.

“He’s not in any life-threatening condition, but he needs to rest. Don’t spread the word about this; it’s in

your best interest,” she said as she handed him a bag of chips. “If you don’t want to go home, you can

stay here. I have an empty room in my studio. It used to be Luna’s, but she’s currently staying at the

Pearson Residence.”

Eric nodded. “I never expected that our chance encounter would lead to you becoming a sanctuary in



He didn’t want to go back home, and he feared that someone might notice something if he went to the

company. So, staying at Abigail’s place was the right choice.

“If any rumors arise, we’ll just have to endure them.” She smiled at him.

Despite the troubles, Eric was grateful that she didn’t blame him and instead provided him with solace.

As he enjoyed the dessert, he continued, “I’m lucky to have you as a friend. It’s a good thing I didn’t

relentlessly pursue you in the past, making you dislike me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a place to go

now and wouldn’t find comfort in your words.”

I’m glad you consider me a friend. It shows that you’ve also experienced heartache and gained deeper

insight.” Abigail leaned back on the couch, playfully joking.

He nodded. “Abigail, it would be great if you were a Pearson. We would have had over a decade of


However, his unintentional remark momentarily froze her smile.

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