Harvey York's Rise to Power

Chapter 5278

Chapter 5278

Chapter 5278

“Venom Strike!”

Seb was done using tricks; he clapped his hands together, then charged towards Harvey.

A foul smell seeped out when his two hands collided. His hands were full of poison. Anyone touched by

it will feel excruciating pain.

Facing Seb's rapid attack, Harvey calmly stepped on the ground. Crack!

A piece of debris flew straight towards Seb's throat. The attack was so fast.

Seeing that, Seb had no choice but to step back with an angry expression.

He believed Harvey was too despicable. Harvey didn't fight him head-on, and even used underhanded

tactics to undermine his killer move!

Seb has to defend himself against Harvey. He stepped back, then placed both hands in front of him.


A piece of rubble landed right in Seb's hand. The sound of bones crunching was heard. An enormous

force pushed right through Seb's hand, and into his chest.


Seb screamed in pain as he was thrown; he finally managed to stop when he crashed into a stone

tablet in the distance.

His entire body twitched as he lay on the ground.

Seb felt disbelief. He didn't expect that he wouldn't be able to defend himself against Harvey.

More importantly, the rubble landed right on his weak spot. He could feel the aura he had accumulated

after years of training starting to dissipate.

He will return to being an ordinary human.

After thinking about the consequences of that, as well as the people who held grudges against him, he

instinctively shivered. He gritted his teeth.

“Harvey! You are nobody! Kill me if you dare!

“What's the point of crippling me?!”

Emory and the others were shocked to hear his words.

They didn't expect that a top figure like him would be defeated in one blow and crippled without much novelbin


Alani studied the situation in deep silence. She glanced into her silver makeup case, which contained

three different colored bottles and a needle. He continued to look at the box and then at Harvey, then

took a deep breath.

According to the royal family, the bottles contained the essence of three hundred martial artists' blood

combined. If he injected it all into his body, he would gain incredible strength in an instant.

However, he didn't want to use something like that unless he had to. After all, gaining this much power

would come at a price.

Several people from the South Seas quickly picked up Seb.

“What's wrong with you, Mr Seb? Did that bastard sneak up on you?!”

Seb pushed them aside, looking at Harvey.

“Do you know what you just did, bastard? Do you know the price you have to pay for doing this? Let me

tell you something! The Witch of the South Sea will destroy your entire family!”

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