Harvey York's Rise to Power

Chapter 4158

Chapter 4158

Chapter 4158

Baylor Lee showed a prideful expression when she exclaimed, “Apologize right now! This is an order!

“Kneel while you’re at it!

“If not, then don’t even think of getting your damn job lifting bricks!

“You’ll starve to death!”

Harvey York completely ignored the siblings and calmly shifted his gaze toward the fierce men.

“Get Cliff Saban here in three minutes.

“I said so.

“You better tell him to hurry up. If he’s late, then no apology can fix this.”

After hearing those words, Gabriel Lee’s and the others’ faces were as pale as ghosts.

Harvey was clearly dragging them down for challenging Cliff like that!

‘Does this guy want us all to die together?!”

“Who are you even?! How dare you tell us that?!

The long-haired man was showing a cold glare.

“You have a death wish or something?!”

He was just about to crush Harvey…

When a man covered in bandages walked over.

The man was the same person with a mohawk who got kicked down at San Francisco Clubhouse.

He instinctively trembled with a fearful gaze after seeing Harvey’s face.

He quickly whispered to the long-haired man.

Harvey sent him flying with a single kick… novelbin

Idris Saban’s limbs were broken because of him….

Even Kellan Ruiz’s attitude completely changed in front of him…

‘This guy’s identity is definitely not normal!’

After hearing the mohawk man’s introduction, the long-haired man showed an extremely horrible expression before leaving with the others.

“You’re dead, Harvey!

Gabriel pointed at Harvey with a bitter expression.

“You’ll have to bear the responsibility yourself if anything happens! Don’t drag us down with you!”

The relatives were also coldly glaring at Harvey.

Mandy Zimmer wanted to say something but remained silent after seeing Harvey’s calm expression.

“Right here, CEO Saban!”

Frantic footsteps could be heard outside.

Cliff looked miserable when he showed up with a dozen men.

His hair had gotten a lot whiter since the day before.

Gabriel and his entire family stood up with their hearts stuck in their throats.

“We don’t know this man, CEO Saban!” Gabriel immediately declared to separate himself from Harvey.

“You can just settle scores with him instead!

“Kill him if you want!

“It’ll be fine as long as you can relieve yourself!”

Cliff did not even bat an eye toward the others…

He quickly walked toward Harvey with a respectful bow and a fearful expression.

“Sir York! Sir York! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!

“I was wrong!

“My subordinates don’t know any better! I’ll make them pay for disturbing you!

“I’ll even pour your tea for you! Please forgive me!”

Then, he respectfully poured a cup of tea before handing it to Harvey.

“You should be taught a lesson at this point,” said Harvey calmly when he took the cup.

“You’re the chairman himself, yet you can’t even think properly.

“Do you think you’re that impressive for taking advantage of people at large?”

Gabriel’s and his family’s jaws instantly dropped.

They could not believe that Harvey actually dared to speak to Cliff that way.

The sight before them made them completely collapse…

“You’re right! You’re right!

Cliff kept nodding like a child at school.

“I should be taught a lesson! I wasn’t thinking at all!

“Please show me your guidance!

“I’ll make sure to change however possible!”

Soon after, he waved his hand before the fierce men behind him stepped forward.

“We’re sorry, Sir York!” they exclaimed before bowing in front of Harvey.

The box went dead silent.

Baylor’s and the others’ faces turned dark in an instant.

Everyone could tell that Cliff was sincerely apologizing, not just trying to skimp past the subject.

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