Even After Death Novel (Olivia)

Chatper 1248

Chatper 1248

Oliva helped the woman leave the area with great effort. There was water flowing from her nether

regions. She had contractions every few minutes. She was in so much pain her face was pale.

As a woman herself, Olivia knew all too well what the woman was going through. The first two

pregnancies she went through ended in premature birth.

She went through a lot of pain despite her kids coming out earlier than expected. It was probably worse

for this woman who was having a normal birth.

The woman knew the situation at hand was bad. She was trying her best to walk away with Olivia.

They arrived at a store that had been blown open. Anything of value there was already gone. Olivia

found two pieces of rags and placed them under the woman.

"Wait for me here. I'll be back soon."

Although there weren't any resources, she could still find some water. There was still running water in

the city.

She took some water and boiled it. Then, she brought some clean pieces of clothes back.

"This is the best I can do. You have to pull through."

She tried her best to clean the woman with warm water and a piece of cloth in hopes that the child

wouldn't be infected with anything when it was born.

Olivia even found a table and some stools to block the entrance. She washed a rag and placed it in the

woman's mouth. "Don't scream, or it'll attract people to US."

The woman nodded. She was very weak but cooperative.

Olivia would reach in at intervals and check the status of the cervix.

The sound of footsteps came from outside. Olivia gave the woman a look, and she immediately held in

her groans.

The contractions were getting more frequent. The baby was ready to pass through the birth canal.

"Push. Deep breaths."

The woman was completely soaked in sweat. Her face was pale, and her hair was plastered to her

face. The sight of her current state pained Olivia.

Giving birth to a child isn't an easy task. She grabbed the woman's hand. "Don't worry. I'll keep you

safe as long as I'm with you."

The woman was in too much pain to speak. She bit down on the rag in her mouth with all her strength.

She looked at Olivia with gratitude in her weary eyes. She was grabbing Oliva's hand so tightly that it

turned red.

Olivia didn't seem to feel any pain. She was still comforting the woman gently, "Don't be afraid. You

have to endure this. You can do it. You'll be able to see your baby soon.

Wayne led his men to the scene. They discovered that man around the corner of the street where

Olivia destroyed the drone.

He held on to his dying breath and explained the situation. That was how Wayne found out that Olivia

had chosen to help a pregnant woman in the midst of running away. How foolish.

Wayne smirked. He was planning to cut off her legs when he caught her. She wouldn't be able to

escape then.

He went along the route with his men. Wayne realized something was wrong after they ran down a few


"She couldn't have gotten far with a pregnant woman slowing her down. Turn back. She must be hiding

somewhere to deliver the baby."

"That's right. We'll go back and look!"

At that very moment, another group of people appeared. Brent didn't expect to meet Wayne in a place

like this. He was angry when he saw that Wayne was basically unscathed.

This scum of the earth was really hard to get rid of.

Ethan had unleashed an intense round of attacks on Wayne's plane before they crashed. He shouldn't

be alive after such an attack.

But the fact was that Wayne was alive and looked like he didn't sustain much damage.

Both sides agreed to a three-day ceasefire. But since they ran into each other, a battle might start. novelbin

Tension was in the air.

Wayne, who was usually belligerent, was not in the mood for a fight this time. He retreated behind


"I'll leave this to you. Leave no survivors."

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