Even After Death by Lilting Champ

Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224

There was dead silence in the room where Molly rested in Yale's embrace.

"Yale, what did Vanessa tell you? Can't you tell me about it?"

He gave her a light pat on the shoulder.

"Nothing.Why didn't you tell me how much you suffered before this?"

If it hadn't been for Olivia's reminder, he wouldn't have asked someone to look into what Molly did to

get pregnant.

Molly always brushed him off that she was taking supplements for her health.

Little did he know, those casual words had hidden the hellish experience she went through.She smiled


"It's already in the past.Look, I'm just fine.Besides, I just want to give birth to your baby."

She nuzzled his chest like a kitten.

"If I can bear your baby, I won't have any regrets in this life.Don't blame me, Yale."

"There's just nothing I can do about you."

He sighed helplessly.

Molly pulled his hand to her belly.

"It's wondrous to think that our baby is right here.Are you happy?"

"I am."

"But the corner of your lips are drooping."

Molly pushed the corner of his lips upward.

Yale couldn't mask the sorrow from his face at all.

"Yale, did Vanessa tell you something about our baby? You don't have to keep it from me.If it wasn't

about our baby, you would've told me about it.Yale, we promised.No secrets.No matter what happens,

we have to be honest with each other.Are you trying to go against your words?"

Despite her soft voice, her words caused him to falter bit by bit.

It hadn't been easy for them to come this far.

That was why he cherished their days spent together.

However, there was no way for him to keep her in the dark.

Leaving with no choice, he sighed deeply and said, "Yes, we can't keep the baby.Or both of you will

die." novelbin


"It's not as simple.Your body is weak.You got poisoned when you were young.The poison shortened

your lifespan."

Molly's lips parted.

"What? How could this be? Is it because of the poison that I can't keep the baby?"

"You were poisoned before you turned seven.The culprit didn't want others to find out, so he fed you in

small doses.And it took a toll on your body.But we looked after you well after you were adopted.Your

metabolism broke it down, so there shouldn't be a big problem."


"Although your body is clean, we can't deny that your body has worsened.It's tough to stay alive

yourself.When the baby grows and steals more nutrients from you, it might cause a miscarriage, or

both of you might die.

"Molly, I'm thinking about your safety.I can't allow that possibility to stand.It is fate that we can't be with

this baby."

Tears pooled in her eyes.She shook her head profusely.

"No.No! It wasn't easy for me to get pregnant.The doctor said there might not be a second chance for

me anymore."

"Calm down, Molly.If there's progress in your recovery, there is still a second chance.Vanessa's a great

doctor.I've personally seen her save herself from a terminal disease."

"But this is a life! I can't gamble with the baby’s life for something uncertain!"

Yale hugged her as his heart throbbed.

"I know.I'm also sad.You're more important to me compared to the baby.Molly, could you listen to me?

The thought of losing you frightens me! You're my only salvation.Please.Have mercy on me.If you're

dead, what purpose do I still have in life?"

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