Bride Behind The Mask (Frederick and Marguerite)

Chatper 585

Chatper 585

Chapter 585

The mention of his beloved was enough to send Robert into a towering rage. He whirled around, his

piercing gaze locking onto Yuna with an intensity that could cut through steel. His accusation was

pointed and harsh, “Yuna, are you doing this on purpose? Don’t play the innocent victim with me; you

might fool Mom and Dad, but you can’t fool me!”

“Enough!” The voice belonged to Hackett. “Miley, that daughter of the nouveau riche? Haven’t I told you

to break it off with her? And now you’ve gone and brought her into the company! Get her out of my


A sly smile curled on Yuna’s lips, unseen by the others.

Anyone who stood in her way was just another target to eliminate! By this time, Freddie should have

been dealing with Marguerite. So, all she had to do now was to take care of Miley!

Unexpectedly, Penelope’s voice chimed in just then, “You’ve got it all wrong about Robert, Miley didn’t

get into the company through him. She got an interview, and I hired her. I had no idea she was your

girlfriend at the time, Robert. I hired her purely for her skills.

She has her own unique take on cosmetics and is fluent in three languages. More importantly, she’s

incredibly well-connected, with ties to several big shots in Stonebridge City.

The CEO of the Charles Group even wrote her a recommendation, saying she’s a rare talent. How

could I not respect a request from such an old friend?”

Miley’s extensive network was a result of her days as a private investigator.

And Wade Charles, the playboy heir to the Charles Group, was a good friend of Robert.

So, before the interview, Miley had asked Wade to get a recommendation letter from his


Yuna couldn’t have imagined Miley was so capable!

Hearing his wife put it like that, Hackett seemed to be on the back foot.

Though the Charles Group wasn’t quite on par with the Fitzgerald Group, the interests of the elite were

interconnected. If he were to fire Miley, wouldn’t that be tantamount to slapping Moneybags Charles in

the face?

“But no matter what, she shouldn’t be bullying our daughter!”

Penelope spoke with a soft and steady voice, unflustered, “Perhaps there’s some misunderstanding?

Besides, from what I see, Miley might come from new money, but she’s well-educated and sharp. She’s

not quite the person we thought she would be.”

Yuna felt like she was about to explode with fury!



Chapter 585

She had laid the groundwork for so long, all so that Hackett would defend her!

But what was Penelope doing? With just a few words, she’d swayed him?

Yuna spoke with feigned modesty but underlying indignation, “Mom! There’s no misunderstanding!

Marguerite was there in the elevator too, they were ganging up on me! I know you’re fond of

Marguerite, so I didn’t mention her.

But I just can’t tolerate Miley! She shoved me to the ground, even tore my stockings!”

Robert’s eyes, sharp and probing, lingered on Yuna’s face. Before Hackett could respond, Robert

immediately whipped out his phone and dialed a number, thrusting it in front of her. novelbin

“You say she pushed you? Fine, I’ll call the tech department right now and review the surveillance


In an instant, Yuna’s face turned ashen! She was the one who had instigated the whole fight!

Moreover, in front of Hackett and Penelope, she had always maintained the image of a frail and

obedient daughter.

If they heard the vile words she used to describe Marguerite, her facade would crumble-not to mention

whether Hackett would still stand up for her!

She let out a deep breath, quickly pushed down the phone Robert held up, and said with a voice that

was sweet yet magnanimous, “Let’s drop it, Robert. Today’s Mom and Dad’s anniversary, let’s not get

sidetracked. Let’s just let this go, I won’t mention it again.”

Robert’s handsome face was laced with sarcasm as he replied, “You don’t want to mention it again

because you’re guilty, perhaps?”

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