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#138 “Don’t Do it Anymore, Alexander.”

This kiss wasn’t like their stolen kisses from before; this one was long- awaited, desired, and haunting.

The monitor beeped louder with each beat of Alexander’s racing pulse. Ignoring the cables attached to

his body, he urgently tore them away and pulled Sophia onto his lap.

Sophia felt intoxicated by this passionate kiss. His hands were buried in her hair, hers exploring the

contours of his strong, muscular body.

In an attempt to deepen the connection, Sophia pushed Alexander onto the bed, unaware of his

bruised ribs. A small gasp of pain escaped him.

“Oh, sorry,” Sophia whispered.

“Don’t stop, do it again,” Alexander urged, pulling her in for another kiss. Their lips met again, and

Sophia couldn’t suppress a moan, intensifying Alexander’s desire. He nibbled on her lower lip,

reclaiming her mouth.

Sophia’s thoughts blurred; her brain turned to jelly. Desire consumed her, and for the first time, she

found herself wanting someone so desperately.

The two of them struggled to breathe, completely consumed by their overwhelming need for each


The taste of longing lingered on their lips as the intensity of their kiss deepened. The sterile hospital

room faded away, and it was just Alexander and Sophia, lost in the heat of the moment.

Sophia, now seated on his lap, reciprocated the passion. Her fingers entwined in Alexander’s hair,

pulling him closer. The touch was electric, igniting a fire that had been simmering beneath the surface.

Alexander’s hands slide over Sophia’s body making her moan again. Sophia’s lips slowly started to

glide over Alexander’s neck leaving a burning sensation deep inside of him.

However, their stolen passion was abruptly interrupted as the door swung open with a force that

startled them both. A group of doctors, wearing expressions of complete shock, entered the room.

Sophia instinctively pulled away from Alexander, their eyes meeting in shared embarrassment and


“Apparently, you’re not dying, which is good news,” one of the doctors announced, his tone slightly

embarrassed. “But the next time you decide to take off the cables for your heart monitor, know that we

see it as your heart has stopped. And we are obliged to come and save you.”

Alexander and Sophia exchanged a glance, barely holding back their smiles. Sophia, feeling the weight

of the situation, stepped away from Alexander and retreated to the side of the bed, her cheeks flushed

with embarrassment.

“As far as I can see, Mr. Stone, you’re in good condition, and we’ll be able to discharge you today,” the

doctor continued, regaining a more professional demeanor.

Relief washed over both Alexander and Sophia. The doctors meticulously examined the indicators and

posed routine questions to Alexander. Satisfied with his responses, they declared him in good health

and announced their intention to prepare for his discharge.

Alone again, Sophia met Alexander’s expectant gaze. She couldn’t help but smile at his questioning


“What?” she asked playfully.

“Were you serious? Do you really want to be together?” Alexander inquired, his eyes filled with hope.

Sophia burst into laughter, a warmth filling her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The

magnetic pull between them was undeniable, and Alexander reciprocated by pulling her closer.

“Yes, whatever comes, I want to face it together. Megan’s anger, another crazy mob that wants to

kidnap us, trying to frame us for murder – I want to go through all this crazy stuff with you,” Sophia


Alexander, with a mischievous glint in his eyes, raised an eyebrow. “How about we try something nicer?

As much as I like playing the hero…”

Sophia interrupted, her tone serious.” Don’t do it anymore, Alexander.”

“What?” he wondered.

“To pretend to be a hero. I worry about you, and I don’t want to.”

Alexander chuckled and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Stop pushing yourself into dangerous novelbin

situations, my dear Sophia.”

“”They always find me themselves.”

“Then we’ll deal with them together, and we’ll both be heroes, and we’ll both worry about each other.

Does that seem fair to you?”

Sophia grinned. “Yes. Oh, and you made so many promises to me, Alexander. If you don’t keep them

all- because you’ll be putting your life at risk – I’ll be very angry with you.”

“What promises?” he asked, a furrow forming on his brow.

“You have to buy me candy from the carnival, go out in a t-shirt and jeans, drink beer with me, and let’s

not forget a life-saving sandwich.”

Alexander pulled Sophia into another kiss, short but as sweet as honey, causing her to melt in his


“As soon as I promised, we will do it,” he whispered against her lips.

“Let’s get you out of this hospital,” Sophia said, her voice filled with sweetness.

“Come on, I’m starving,” Alexander admitted.

“I know the exact place where we should go,” Sophia replied with a smile and pulled him towards the


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