A Second Chance at Forever

Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474

Bernard didn’t respond verbally but gave a slight nod of his head. At this moment, all he wanted was for

Eleanor to wake up, and he was willing to do anything for that.

Hailey, though incredulous, didn’t hesitate and promptly gave Bernard the address. Bernard, upon

receiving it, rushed off to what he believed was his last hope. novelbin

There was a belief about the Chapel, nestled atop a hill, that every step up its steep path, taken with a

genuflection and a bow, could grant any wish. Bernard, who had never been. a spiritual man, would

have scoffed at such superstitions before, but not now…

Dressed in his finest suit, Bernard shed every ounce of pride, discarded all arrogance, and began his

ascent. With each step, he knelt; with each level, he bowed, until his knees ached and his forehead

bled, but he did not yield.

It wasn’t until he reached the top, until he knelt before the god, that he collapsed onto the cushioned

kneeler, pale-faced, hands clasped in prayer, under the watchful gaze of all the saints and amidst the

swirl of countless lit candles. He closed his eyes slowly…

He, Bernard…

First, for Eleanor to wake up. Second, for their child to be healthy. Third, for mother and child to enjoy

long lives.

Nothing more did he ask for.

If the heavens willed it, he was ready to donate all his wealth.

If the heavens deemed wealth trivial, he was prepared to trade his life for theirs.

With this fervent wish, Bernard knelt before every holy figure in the chapel.

A monk, moved by his devotion, brought him a prayer ribbon. He instructed Bernard to write the names

of those he wished to save and hang it at the highest branch, where it would catch the saints’ eyes.

Bernard, after expressing his gratitude, took the ribbon, wrote his heartfelt plea, and, with legs shaking

from fatigue, climbed a ladder to tie his ribbon at the very top.

As he secured the knot and was about to descend, he glimpsed through the dappled branches an old,

frayed ribbon with his own name on it. It fluttered briefly before his eyes before the wind lifted it…

Back on the ground, Bernard searched through the surrounding ribbons until he found the one with his

name. The tall man, with slender fingers, held the ribbon and read…

First, for Hailey’s safety. Second, for Garett’s health. Third, for Bernard’s happiness.

Seeing the graceful handwriting and the familiar names, Bernard knew without a doubt who had written


His eyes unexpectedly reddened as he read the date on the last line of the prayer ribbon. Eleanor had

been blessing him all this time, holding him dear in her heart-only that explained her wish for his


Bernard thought to himself, had he known this earlier, he never would have let her go to be with Garett.

He would have treasured every second with her. But, he was a step too late…..

Beneath the wishing tree, red prayer ribbons danced in the wind, and at its base stood a man of

stunning features, once again taking up the pen to add beneath the third wish on his ribbon, Your well-

being is my happiness.

Bernard’s prayers weren’t a one-time affair. Every time he finished caring for Eleanor, he would pray

again, and in every chapel known for miracles, there would be a man in a sharp suit, with candles in

hand, kneeling before the heavenly hosts.

His forehead was wounded from repeated bows, his knees worn from countless genuflections. Even

the doctors urged him to stop, lest he cripple his legs, but Bernard refused to give up. He continued to

implore the saints to take pity on him and awaken


Whether it was Bernard’s determination that touched the heavens, or the skilled hands of an old

physician that worked wonders, on the day of the first snowfall, the woman lying in the hospital bed

stirred, moving her fingers slightly, then slowly opened her clear, somewhat bewildered eyes…

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