A Divorce After My Rebirth

Chatper 640

Chatper 640

Natalie found Bianca's current situation increasingly complex.

However, Bianca always had her principles and a straightforward approach to things.

She understood the connections between Bianca and Malcolm well. No matter what, Bianca wouldn't

let Malcolm ascend smoothly to that position.

So, her return now was not just for Zane but more so because of Malcolm.

In a moment, Natalie untangled these intricacies in her mind, which only deepened her concern for


"Bia, Malcolm is a very dangerous man. He's a lunatic!" Natalie expressed her genuine worry.

Previously, Bianca had almost lost her life because of Faye. After that, it was because of Jade's


Natalie was truly worried!

Bianca's eyes darkened at the mention of that man.

"Nat, some grudges aren't worth the hate. But some, we can't let go of," she said, her voice heavy with


It was a matter of principle for her. If she let go, what would it signify?

It was impossible for her!

"Malcolm won't let me go!" Bianca stated firmly, seeing through the situation better than anyone else.

Her words were undeniably true. Malcolm had never intended to let her off the hook, not after what

happened with Faye and Jade.

From the start of their conflict due to Faye, Bianca knew it would be a battle to the bitter end.

"Even if Zane wins, can it truly end between you two?"

Natalie referred to Malcolm. If he was determined not to let Bianca go, there would be nowhere safe for

her, regardless of the outcome.

Bianca looked at Natalie, her eyes deep and somber.

"If Zane wins, Simeria will be my sanctuary. But if Malcolm wins, I won't have a place to hide anywhere

in the world."

Natalie's heart constricted at Bianca's words, realizing the gravity of her situation. Bianca's fate was no

longer in her hands, and the resolution of Bianca's conflict with Malcolm wasn't something she could di


Since becoming entangled with Malcolm, all initiative had slipped from Bianca's grasp.

Once, Bianca was proactive, always holding the reins of her life.

But now...

"Bia, I was wrong," Natalie confessed, her voice choking with emotion at this moment of realization.

Bianca fell silent, and her entire body stiffened instantly.


"I shouldn't have let you go to Simeria. I should have sent you somewhere else."

Simeria was Bianca's abyss.

At that moment, Natalie even pondered whether everything would have turned out differently if Bianca

had never gone to Simeria.

If Bianca hadn't met Malcolm...!

"You're wrong," Bianca softened her tone slightly as she listened to Natalie's distress.

Natalie's heart ached even more fiercely at Bianca's words of comfort.

"That man has always had his eye on me. Actually, back in Verde City, he had already made a move

against me," Bianca revealed.

"Don't say things like that to comfort me."

"I sensed it before you sent me away. It wasn't just Cedric who had done something to me back



At that time, Cedric had repeatedly made moves against Bianca's career, and Natalie feared Cedric's

tactics might become even more ruthless.

That was why she had sent Bianca to Simeria!

If what Bianca said was true and Malcolm had also made a move against her career during that time,

then Natalie had essentially sent Bianca into the lion's den!

"But you and Malcolm..." Natalie began, taking a deep breath to suppress the pain in her chest.

"There's no need to say anything else about that!" Bianca cut in.

There was no point in saying more.

Natalie swallowed down the words she had intended to say because of Bianca's response. They had

discussed this issue before, and in this matter, Bianca had no choice.

She... was braver in dealing with these matters than Natalie.

Especially when Natalie learned that Bianca had married Zane, she was shocked!

Bianca was probably the only person Natalie knew in this world who would dare to do such a thing!

It was a complete defiance against Malcolm's relentless torment, a way of fiercely confronting him.


After Bianca returned to Simeria, Natalie remained in Yuloria. Despite the chaos in both Wexford and

Simeria, she finally found peace.

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Over the phone, Abigail tuld her, "Cedric has been acting very strange lately."

"What's wrung?" Natalie inquired.

"He seems like he doesn't want anything anymore," Abigail replied.

Natalie fell silent.

He doesn't want anything anymore?

That must be Abigail's misconception! How could that man not want anything?

Cedric was the type of person who always wanted more. He wouldn't just give up on everything.



"He's been setting up trusts lately. The beneficiaries are all your daughter!" Abigail revealed.

Natalie fell silent.

"Why would he hand over everything under his name to a management company for trust?" Abigail's

tone held some unease.

Logically speaking, with Wexford in such turmoil, Cedric should be striving for a higher position within it.

Irwin had already provided him with information about Frederick. Frederick might be in Malcolm's

hands now, but if Cedric had returned to Wexford, everything there would definitely revolve around him.

And yet, he seemed to be giving up something!

"Who cares? Maybe this is his scheme. You and your family should be careful," Natalie warned.

She had no interest in understanding why Cedric had become like this.

"A scheme?"

"Yeah," Natalie responded indifferently.

Wasn't it a scheme?

The man always acted in his own interest!

Whether it was him or Irwin, they were both adept at scheming against others.

Who knew who Cedric was plotting against now?

That was how Natalie viewed Cedric and Irwin.

They were people who were always ready to scheme against others. Forget about how strange he was

behaving right now. Even a single word from him could have ulterior motives!novelbin

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